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Products for the summer season should contain natural ingredients like the Camellia Flower that resists excess humidity, which makes hair manageable, smooth and frizz-free for upto 72 hours. Hair colouring products should have the path-breaking Kera-Protect Technology that helps protect hair’s keratin during the colouring process. It also creates the perfect foundation to enhance a colour’s long-lasting vibrancy and beauty and prevent it from fading during summer. MATRIX recommends the latest hair strobing technique to highlight the facial features. Golds and chocolates, along with their respective highlights, work well during summer.

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Savio John Pereira, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Savio John Pereira Salon shares, “Women and men opt for short hair cuts during summer.” These days short cuts are in vogue and are comparatively easier to maintain. Pereira talks about his choice of hair care products to beat the heat and states, Pink Best

“The Olaplex treatment is great for all hair types! It is recommended in this weather, as most women have coloured hair, straightened or rebonded hair or have some kind of chemical treatment. These treatments tend to dry the hair and Olaplex is a welcome relief!


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