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I had to do something about it once and for all.

That’s how I came to find myself walking through those doors of a local church hall shaking with nerves. A couple of people at work had lost weight with Weight Watchers and I’d been inspired by some of the success stories on the website I knew 1 couldn’t lose weight on my own -I’d tried before and failed so I needed the support.

The hardest step was going through that door the first time but, once I’d done that, there was

no looking back. My leader, Angie, was wonderful. She’d also lost a lot of weight, so she understood. Even so, m when I stepped on the scales and saw that I weighed more than 21st, I was horrified. 1 actually thought there must have been a mistake, but it was correct.

However, it made me even more determined to lose the weight. When Angie explained the plan, I found it easy to follow and from that day on, I tracked and weighed all my food. After that first week 1 lost 51b and realised that this was going to work. Steadily, the pounds began to drop off.

Hut one day in July 2012, Fate intervened.

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