Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine

Those who deal with plant medicine use plants and medicinal plants to treat diseases and disorders. Sometimes medicinal herbs are used as tea or ointment is applied to the skin. They may also be taken as capsules or solutions.

As with aromatherapide, some medicinal plants should not be used in pregnancy because they can cause premature births. Plants that should not be used; saffron, thistle grape, hydrastis, juniper, male fern grass, adamotu, yarn, sherbet paint, sage, sage, carapelin, worm, thuja and wormwood.

Simple herbs can be prepared and used by every woman. Spicy and modern plants can contain herbs that are suitable for use during pregnancy, such as tree wilt, lime flower, chamomile, and fennel.

If you rely on information about herbal plants, you can also get more blends than transcriptions. However, if there is any doubt about the use of any medicinal herb, there is a good advise to a good plant specialist.

Plant Medicine

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