Plantain Leaf Poultice Homemade

Fresh plantain leaves, chewed and applied to bug bites, such as bee stings and mosquito bites, effectively reduce swelling, itching and pain. Wrap and tie a cloth over the poultice to keep it in place. See Botanicals section in Ingredients chapter for more information on plantain.

Plantain Leaf Poultice Homemade Photo Gallery

My ability to exercise was severely impacted leading up to surgery, and post-surgery I was unable to do much exercise at all for a long time. As a ‘makeup and fitness influencer’, this had a huge impact on me mentally. Old wounds opened up. I started having awful dreams that related to the abuse I had suffered as a child. And my daughter was now at the age I had been then, so I became really protective not wanting to ever leave her by herself in case something happened to her. My mind was going to all sorts of dark places, and I was really paranoid any time she was away from family. I was having the same disturbing dreams so often that I began to confuse what was happening in them with real life, and became convinced that even Gabe was in danger. I began to lean on alcohol again, self-medicating. Things got dark pretty quickly. And physically, I was getting out of shape.

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