Plastic Makeup Materials

Light Colors: Contour colors used in lighting for correction and character makeup.

Honey: It can be used as an adhesive with cleaning wipes to crease the skin.

Rubber Nose: It is a kind of ready made rubber nose.

Lip Gloss or Lip Color: Cream makeup is usually applied with a lip brush to color the lips.

Liquid Make-Up: Any make-up in liquid form.

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Makeup Cloak: Used for costumes during makeup.

Make-up Palettes: Paint palettes for mixing colors.

Makeup Pens: Soft, oily, lead pencils. When used to darken eyebrows, it is called eyebrow pencil.

Test on your skin before using a makeup pen in a makeup.

Makeup Remover: Useful in creams or lips. Kryolan has a very good makeup remover. Kryolan has a special extractor for the skin color. Makeup can be purchased from the vendor.

Rimel: Used to color lashes. It is made in brown, black, white and different colors.

Mirror: A two-sided mirror is very useful in makeup. As far as possible, makeup should be done in a large, well-lit room. But small mirrors are useful for profiled images.

Modeling tools: The artist’s styleing tools are in the mud punch and sometimes the nose paste or leather wax style is used.

Cream Blush: Used to color the areas of cheeks, face or hands.

Dry Blush: It can be applied with a puff or a soft brush or a damp sponge.

TireMask Oil Painting: Special oil-based grease for use in rubber.

Wound and whip tracks: Wounds and whip marks can easily be made with plaster rubber.

Scissors: Crepe is essential for hair straightening and is also useful for other purposes.

Soap: Used to shed hair.

Revitalizing Adhesive: Crepe is a liquid adhesive used to hold hair and other three-dimensional makeup to the skin. Proper refreshing glue is brilliant when it dries. The crepe hair should be wiped from time to time with an old cloth to remove the hair that sticks to it in practice.

Revitalizing Eye Removal: Useful in different makeup groups. It can also be removed with alcohol or acetone.

Mustaches: Prepared mustaches, waxed mustaches are preferred.

Nasal Paste: Used to improve other bony areas of the nose and face.

Paint Destruction: Used to remove spilled paint.

TrayClamp: The nickname of Foctor for mold makeup.

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