Platinum Blonde Hair TRANSFORMATION Mens Hairstyle Tutorial

Hey what’s up guys,, and welcome to the post where I make a pretty big change I’ve been twinned with the idea of getting some platinum blonde some gray highlights it’s something that I’ve never done before, and wasn’t sure exactly how they turn out. But I’m actually really happy with the final result. So when I was doing my research my favorite hairstyles that rocked light gray highlights were the shorter Messier textured hairstyles. So this is something that I wanted to try myself maybe in the future I’ll try a gray look with longer hair. But this time round I asked David to take it short on top starting out by trimming down my sides, and leaving all of my hair on top, and this is simply because the colorist needs enough length in my hair to apply the color, and the tinfoil to keep it in place.

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So for now we’re working on cleaning up the sides before I add the color, and after the color will take care of the top David Rosman is of course the man I go to whenever I can for a reliable haircut in Manchester he provides an amazing service, and a great salon, and if any of you guys want to check his place out you can take a 15% discount off your appointment in the description below, and now it’s time for the color. So here’s basically how this works if you’re going lighter than your natural hair color using bleach is a must the bleach itself removes your natural hair color, and the longer you leave the bleach in the lighter your hair will get since I’m wanting to get a really light platinum finish I need to leave the bleach in for a longer period of time now the bleach itself won’t turn my hair gray.

Like I said all the bleach is doing is removing my natural color, and it’ll turn out kind of like a light yellow color I’ll explain the coloring process when we get there once the bleach has been added I left it in for roughly 45 minutes the amount that you need to wait all depends on your hair type, and color. But your colors will know exactly how much time is needed 45 minutes later, and it’s time to wash out the bleach, and now this is where the color comes in the toner we’re using has a slight bluish tint that counteracts the yellow from the bleach, and turns all the highlighted areas of my hair gray after it’s been applied I leave it in for about five minutes to let that gray color really soak in before washing it all out at this point I’ve got all the color. But since my hair is wet it’s not that noticeable at the moment before we’re finished though David is going to take the length down. So I can rock that short textured look, and now I’m taking over to finish off my hairstyle using original by bloomin also known worldwide as the best pre styler on planet Earth, and all the other planets as well just taking a little finger tips worth, and spreading that evenly through my hair then I’m finishing off the look with a little bit of hybrid of my shorter length hybrid works great to keep a nice looser Messier finish while still maintaining solid volume, and there you have it my new platinum blonde highlights this is what they look like this time around let me know down below if you think I should go even more gray for another look down the line.

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