PLL Hannas Braided Down Do

Today’s hairstyle is inspired by Pretty Little Liars handle wore it very recently on episode of sees it too and it is really pretty um just braided hairstyle I got. So many requests for it and. So I thought I would do it does look different on my hair because my hair is a good or inches longer than her is it a completely different color and texture but I think I got pretty close to it I hope you guys like it I really like it even if it’s not exactly I like I think it’s pretty. So I hope you guys like it too and I will see you my next post what first you’re gonna take your hair and just separate out your fringe area like that and make sure it’s out of the way.

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I use this little clamp to keep it out of the way and then you’re gonna create another parting about four to five inches back and then take that hair that comes between your bangs and the parting and secure it out of the way and then on the other side of your head you’re going to start by taking a section and splitting it into three and then you’re gonna French braid along the nape of your neck it’s really easy you’re just gonna incorporate here on both sides if you don’t know how to French braid I’ll link my tutorial in the description box but you’re basically just gonna go around until you hit where you want that fishtail braid to start which is right about the end of your neck braid a couple extra inches and secure and then you’re gonna start at the top section of that other partying that we made split that into three and then you’re gonna French braid down that you might find that you only need to French braid in here from the back but I French weighted hair from both sides and it was just fine. So French braid all the way down until you’ve incorporated all of the hair and then braid for a couple extra inches then take both of those sections and use those as in the two sections of a fishtail braid also if you don’t know how to fishtail braid.

I have a tutorial on that and it will be in the description box basically you just take one little section from each side and put it to the other side kind of like a little Red Rover and then as you go once you get a like halfway down you can start pulling out pieces of hair if you looked at Hannah’s hair in the style she actually had pieces that were pulled out of the braid. So I did that to create the messiness and also to help it to blend with the rest. So they hair this just hanging there. So then you go down until you finish all of it and once you get to the end you’re just gonna secure it with a little bounce and if you want to you can loosen up the braid just a little bit to add some messiness and some fullness if you have thin hair like I do then I went ahead and curls my hair I’ll aware that’s not how the hair was actually done in the style but with my hair being as long and as fine as it is it just looked a little bit weird straight. So I used this one and a quarter inch curling iron to add some little waves and some interest to the style then you see I ended up with this ugly little section right here that I didn’t like. So what I did was I just took those bangs back and I pinned them into the braid to avoid that you could take a larger section at the front if you like or you can just do what I did there I kind of like to just pull back like that then you’re gonna pull the braid to the front and mess the other hair up I just kind of obviously I just ran my hands through it a little bit and you can pull the rights to the front. So you can make sure it’s visible and really that’s it is really it once you’ve got those little braids done it’s a pretty quick really pretty little style. So I hope you guys liked it and I’ll see you in my next post.

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