Pluck Perfect Eyebrows

Unless you really know what you are doing, plucking can be frustrating. If you feel agitated, you may end up doing too drastic a job. Try not to be hasty or in a rush. It’s best to start slowly and do only one clear task. Wait a day or a two before picking up the tweezers again.
Start by removing only the hairs that appear above your nose, between the two brows. The beginning of your brow should be even with the inside corner of your eye. Stop and, if necessary, pluck again another day.
Next, remove any obviously stray hairs below your brow. A nicely opened eye area is one of the effects of a well-groomed brow. The rule along the length of the brow is to pluck only from beneath the brow.
Then clean up the shape, making sure that the arch of the brow occurs three-quarters of the way out. Let the brow extend beyond the outside corner of your eye. At that point, it should taper slightly down. When plucking from the body of the brow, check along the length of each individual hair to see where its root falls. Make sure you will not be creating a hole by removing it.
Note: If you have long brow hairs, trim them with manicure scissors to keep them looking neat. It’s a good idea to trim before you tweeze; it will help you see the natural shape of your brow and locate where individual hairs fall.
Invest in good tweezers (Tweezerman is one quality brand), ideally with aflat, slanted tip. As long as you don’t lose them, you’ll never have to buy another.
Pluck brows in a room with plentiful daylight.
It is much less painful to pluck brows just after a shower, when pores are still open. (Some women use Anbesol to numb the area before plucking. Others recommend icing the brow to cut the pain, but I have never found that to help; besides, it’s messy.)

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