Plus size prom dresses


âœGet as much experience as you can (like working for a local brand, magazine, etc.). Find where your skills, passion, and local demand meet. And treat everyone you come across with kindness”

Fashion Tricks a la Chi

Good lighting is essential to taking perfect pictures.

Masking tape can work miracles!

Don’t be afraid to mix prints if they’re in the same color family.

Have a trusted tailor.

Pair something loose with something tight.

Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Tricks a la Mawee

Invest in good basics they’re easy to mix and match with trendier pieces.

Don’t be afraid to wear color or prints.

Maxi skirts or dresses (with the right fit) make you look instantly chic.

Accessories go a long way.

Red lipstick can instantly shake up any look.

Her youthful renderings of stylish muses and Manila’s most fashionable have graced the country’s broadsheets and glossies alike.

HOW I GOT INTO FASHION: âœI’ve been illustrating since I can remember, but when I discovered fashion, I loved the idea that a piece of art could be wearable. It also became an outlet for me like drawing a bag I can never afford! âœ

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