Ponytail Gibson Tuck DIY Hairstyles for Work Hairstyles

Hey, guys. I’m Abby from LA. And this morning, we are going to film a hairdo I’m calling the ponytail tuck. So we’re back in my bathroom for this post because I’m doing it on myself, and I love my mirrors. So we’re going to use those, and that’s going to help me get this hairdo done. But this is a great hairdo, fantastic for work if you’re needing to run out the door. We all have those days where we wake up. We’re out of time, we don’t have time to shower, wash our hair. Or it’s day two, or day three, like mine is this morning. So we just want something we can pull back quickly. This is the perfect hairdo. So as you can see, I have lots of layers in my hair.

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Like I said before, this is day three of me not washing my hair. So I need something that’s going to be kind of pulled back because it’s not looking as good as it usually does just down. So I’m going to begin by taking an elastic, pulling my hair back into a ponytail. And we don’t want it too slicked back or anything. You can see I’m just finger combing. But you can do it anyway you like. I’m going to go ahead and just kind of tug on a few spots to make sure my ponytail’s loose so that it doesn’t look too tight. I’m going to take my elastic, and on my last twist of the elastic, I’m going to only take the hair halfway through, like so. And then I’m going to take the hair and just flip it so the ends are now sticking up instead of down. And again, this is a good opportunity to kind of fix anything you’re not loving on the ponytail part. So now you’re going to just take your fingers through those ends. Take them and sort of make a little hole down in your hair the best you can.

And then you’re just going to take those ends and start to tuck them into that little hole that you just made. And when your ends are all tucked, then you’re just going to go ahead and tuck the ponytail down as well. So you might have to kind of work it a little bit, depending on how much hair and how big the hole is you made, et cetera, until it’s all pretty much flipped inside out. Now I’m going to turn around really fast. And I’m going to take a bobby pin because you obviously can still see my elastic a little bit, and I don’t love this triangle looking thing, space. So we’re just going to give it another little tuck. And then I’m going to take these ends and grab my bobby pin and just stick that down in here, hide it best I can. And that one actually you can see a little too much for my taste. That’s better. And so there you have a nice you can go ahead and fix, poke, or add more bobby pins as needed until you like it. And there you go. You have a nice little twisted hairdo that looks great for work and is super easy and quick and took no time whatsoever. Hope you guys enjoy, and we’ll see you later.

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