Ponytail Striped Braid Hairstyle

Hi, I’m Sarah.

And, I’m from learned Duty chair styles. And today, I’m going to show you how to do a ponytail striped braid let’s get started okay. I started by putting our hair in a high ponytail.

And I hit her lasse fan with her own hair what, I’m going to deal with her ponytail is, I’m going to put some gel this kind of gel, I know it says curling shape but, I just like it. And it works for her hair. And it just works really good with this type of style okay.

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I’m going to start on this side. And, I’m going to take a chunk of her hair run about this much now maybe a little less. So about this much.

And, I’m going to start by splitting them in three equal sections, I’m going to start by doing a stitch, I’m going to take this section here on the left the strand. And, I’m going to just take a slice. And set it to the side.

And, I’m going to begin another stitch. And when it’s only going to be just the left side then, I’m going to take a little strand out of. And this is going to be continued all the way down to the end you okay, I’m going to stop right here, I’m just going to finish it off with a braid my title temporarily with an elastic band then you’ll have all these strands right here leave it here now you’re going to go.

And start with the left side, I’m going to take a strand this sign you’re not going to take a bigger strand then you did this this side you’re just going to take a little bit less than what you took from here because you’re going to add these big strands in together that’ll make it. So it’s even with the other side. I’m going to take about this much.

And split it in three equal sections look up, I see whoops not that much. And split it in three. And, I’m going to take the strand over.

And grab us the Strand here the first strand. And, I’m going to incorporate it with this one then, I’m going to continue this this stitch. And bring that back over.

And, I’m going to just keep adding to the strand but as you’re adding to make sure that you’re not really getting close. And tight with that strand. So when you add it you’re going to just loosen it up a little bit you can add this one over here do a stitch.

And just pull a little bit apart just pull it apart a little bit this bitch just going to continue this all the way down till you’re around your last stitch you’re on your last strand okay, I’m on my last strand. And put it together yeah just pull them apart a little, I’m going to finish it off with the braid okay. So now that you have this together, I just want to separate them.

And pull them apart to their equal amount of the width what, I like to do is take that gel that, I put in our hair. And just spray a little bit on the stripes. And kind of just smear them in.

So that it actually separates itself. So now that you’ve done this now, I’m going to take underneath it. And we’re going to just comb it out smoothly.

And take the stripe. And, I’m going to just go right around the ponytail. And, I’m going to put these two together because that’s why, I didn’t secure them tight.

I wanted to put it together. And then, I’m going to secure secure them from behind this ponytail, I’m going to remove these temporary breakdown elastics out. And just address them to the way you like them.

And once this once the hair in the back this ponytail gets dried it’ll fill out that gap of emptiness around here. And then you’ll look more for. So add a little hairspray just to have that stay in place, I kind of like, I like this it can go like this but, I actually like having an elastic band at the end put the tail.

And just secure it off like this you could do you can leave it the way it was before but, I kind of like it this way where, I could just put a little bow right here kind of mix makes it stand out. And there you have it thank you guys. So much for reading our tutorial hope you enjoyed it please give us a thumbs up.

And comment to the link below we’ll see you next time bye guys.

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