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You bump your head, trip over the cat, fall down the stairs, or stand on the nptufcjed end of a garden rake so that it suddenly smacks you viciously on the head. In fact garden injuries are among the commonest, and most dangerous kind. As in the case of the rake, they can leave you absolutely taken aback, shocked and stunned.You might well feel a little weak and giddy, and need to sit down for a few minutes. At these times, essential oils can be a remarkably useful first-aid help, quickly bringing us right back to our senses.

The quickest, and by far the simplest way to benefit from aromatherapy in instances of mild shock is to put an open bottle of either Lavender or Clary Sage oil under the injured person’s nose and let them sniff the aroma directly. Of course you cannot always have such an oil on the spot, and it is therefore well worth having the pre-made “Rescue Remedy” ready to hand for such an occasion. Another extremely good remedy involves putting a couple of oil drops on a tissue, holding it under the nose and inhaling deeply for just a few minutes.

If however, you suspect that the injured person is in severe shock, then do not try to treat them at home. Seek medical advice immediately. Popular haircuts for teens Such shock is caused by a sudden reduction in blood flow which, in extreme cases, can lead to collapse.The symptoms to look out for include fast, shallow intakes of breath, cold damp skin, a weak pulse, dizziness and even fainting ems Stomach problems might sound slight and comical, but they certainly are not when you are the sufferer. They can be completely debilitating, easily ruin a night out, make a long journey impossible, or disrupt that highly crucial meeting at work. Knowing how to deal with them promptly, however, can quickly revolutionize your life. Take any of the measures described and explained below, and you will find that you never look back.

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