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The Skin Darkens in the Presence of Sunlight

Melanocytes release melanin in the presence of sunlight. This pigment migrates to the surface of the skin and the tan that results protects the body from further sun damage and hair and increases the risk of cancer.

Cell membranes are an important line of defence in the body. Popular haircuts for young women Cell membranes determine what compounds will and will not enter into the cell. Cancer-causing substances are kept out of the cell by this membrane. Free radicals (see page 85) can destroy the fats that make up the membrane. Nutrients that act as antioxidants protect these delicate cell membranes from destruction by oxidising agents, and so have a role in prevention of skin cancer. Vitamin E, vitamin C, and the mineral selenium all function as antioxidants.

The hot rays of the sun can deplete skin and hair of their natural oil coatings. The skin can flake and become dull and the hair can become brittle and dry. A towel wrapped around the hair provides protection against the drying effects of the sun. Use of moisturisers, adequate intake of the fat-soluble vitamins A and E, and water might counteract the damage caused by sunlight.

Lifestyle Factors that Affect the Nourishment of the Skin, Hair, and Nails.

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