Most Popular Uses For Essential Oils

In the Bath

In this most popular method of enjoying the therapeutic benefit of essential oil, you add a few drops of your preferred essential oil in a heated bath water and then get soaked in it. This way, the oils absorb into your skin and the vapor is inhaled in the process

This is a simple and relaxing method. The only disadvantage is that some oils may stick to the sides of the bath tub thereby lessening the quantity of absorption into your skin. However, you could rub the oils on your body before entering the bath tub to reduce the risk of waste.


Essentials oils are also applied to the skin through massage. This could be a full body massage or a localized one. The full body massage involves mixing about six drops of oil with your preferred lotion and applying to the skin through repeated rubbing.

Localized massages are applied to specific areas that are causing pain or discomfort such as stiff joints or muscle sprains. The oils are often diluted with carrier oil (about 1 teaspoon carrier oil per about 10 drops essential oils). Facial massages must be carefully conducted so the oils do not get into the eyes, nose or mouth. They require little amount of oils as well.

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