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Recommendations for Counteracting Air Pollutants

As the paragraphs above have described, each component gas in polluted air should be viewed as a distinct stressor that acts on the airways and lungs uniquely. However, when exercising in a large city, you do not have the luxury ofpreparing for each pollutant separately; nor would that be practical. You inhale air as a mixture of many gases and pollutants, which cannot be filtered selectively. Therefore, the wisest approach to minimizing the impact of pollutants on respiratory function and physical performance is to observe the following guidelines. These ideas will help you to limit your intake of all pollutants.-

Listen to weather and news reports for daily updates of local air quality. If you are aware of thermal inversion layers and other meteorological conditions that increase the risk of high pollutant levels, you can take action when it is needed.

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When ambient levels are likely to be elevated, run in the morning or at night. Remember that levels peak at approximately P.M. each day figure pageUnfortunately, CO levels are lowest at the time that levels are highest, and peak twice each day figure at approximately A.M. and P.M. This paradox may require that you determine whether or CO will impair your performance the most, and act accordingly. Also, remember that CO peaks because of automobile exhaust production during the morning and afternoon rush hours, and that peaks when the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is most intense, favoring the photochemical reactions that produce smog.

If high or SO levels are anticipated, you should exercise for to days under the same exercise and environmental conditions that you anticipate during an upcoming competition or other lengthy exposure. Because the lungs and bronchial tubes adapt to these two pollutants, your respiratory system will become desensitized to or SO exposure. This effect may last for only a few days, however, so plan carefully. If air quality improves for several days, then worsens on the target date, you may have to lower your performance expectations.

Select training courses in parks or along the ocean, if possible, where breezes whisk away automobile and industrial exhausts laden with CO and other pollutants.

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