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The Last Week Before the Race


There are essentially two ways to run a race: according to your body or according to your watch. When running according to your body, you monitor effort; when running according to your watch, you monitor pace.

For the first few races, run according to your body and start every race very slowly at an effort you are certain you can maintain for the entire distance. It is disastrous to start too fast in any race but starting too fast is especially bad in your first long race. Bitter experience has shown me that any time gained in the first half of any race is paid for in double during the second half.

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The first-time racer certainly can follow no better advice than the motto of a popular North American running club: “Start slowly, then taper off.”

The golden rule is that the effort for both halves of the race must be as equal as possible. Never listen to those who advocate running the first half of any race faster so that you will have spare time to cushion your reduced pace in the second

Half. In fact, the fast early pace is the very reason for the fade in the second half. The great runners have exquisite abilities to judge not only pace but effort. My personal preference, gained from many unhappy experiences, is to aim to run the second half of each race slightly faster than the first. I have found that it is always preferable to speed up in the second half when others are slowing down. This gives the impression that you are running much faster than you really are, and the mental lift of passing others is great.

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