Poultices Homemade

Poultices are one of the most ancient methods used to encourage the healing of wounds. They are made by mashing or masticating fresh herbs to release their juices, thereby creating a soft, moist mass that is applied directly to the affected area. If dried herbs are used, they are usually powdered, then moistened with water, herbal infusion, herbal tincture or other suitable liquid to create a paste that is applied to the wound. Once you have applied a poultice, you may wrap it with a cloth or cotton gauze to hold it in place over the wound for more sustained healing effects.

Plantain Poultice Damaged

Fresh plantain leaf chewed and applied to wounds greatly facilitates the healing process.

Plantain Poultice (Big Batch) Damaged

If the wound is large you may want to puree plantain leaves in a food processor, as the chewing could get tiring.

Large handful fresh plantain leaves (chopped)

1-2 tablespoons water

2 drops lavender essential oil

1 drop tea tree essential oil

Place chopped herbs into blender or food processor and puree with water until a thick puree results; remove and add the essential oils. Store unused portion in the refrigerator in a covered container.

Apply thickly to wound and cover with a cloth bandage. Leave on for as long as possible, and reapply as needed. You may need to double or triple the recipe depending on the size of the wound. Makes enough for 1 or more applications (again depending on the size of the wound).

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