Pout-O-Matic VS DIY Lip Scrub Make it or Break it

Hey Everyone Abbey here. So for today’s make-it-or-break-it Monday I’ll doing something a little different today we’re gonna compare two different lips coming methods. So it’s basically a lip scrub smack down to see which is better and one version is a DIY version that will cost you about five dollars and one is a little bit more actually a lot a bit more expensive it’s a lip scrub system and I just wanted to compare and see if the one actually does anything better than the giy one. So we’re gonna talk about it I wanted to know for my own personal just everything just to know if the money that I spent on the system was worth it and I thought I would share my findings with you guys.

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So that you can know what’s gonna be best for you and your lips. So in one corner we have the fabulous powder Matic lip scrubbing system or something like that it’s a long game it retails for dollars you can buy it at Sephora and there’s a couple other places that sell bliss products that also sell this as well it comes with a lip scrub and then you have this crazy little what I am dubbing a Clarisonic for your lips it has a little top which is rubber it has a disc shape to the top of it and then it has little bumps on the end of the desk and when you turn it on it spins very quickly and the little bumps and rub Earnest of the tip helps to kind of scrub your lips but also before you do that you apply your little lip scrub in a very thin layer to your lips and then you put this over it and buff it in and set your emotions for seconds and then you’re done. So we have this fabulous lip scrub which is viable on its own like this retails on its own I think for like or dollars basically inside of it’s kind of like a coconut oil base you know how coconut oil it’s kind of solid and then you get a little bit warm and it melts that’s basically how This but then I have sugar and little granules of seeds in it as well to help scrub your lips now the actual scrubbing stuff in here is not as dense as you would experience and then kind of a DIY scrub or even luscious lip scrubs This fairly minimal in the amount of scrub that is contained within the oil. So if you’ve ever bought like a body scrub and I didn’t have a whole lot of scrubbing particles in it’s kind of the same thing with this one it doesn’t have a whole lot of scrubbing particles I probably wouldn’t use it on it oan although because it is more oily and a little bit less gritty it actually works really well with this. So these two together I really like but this on its own not. So much the other method is a DIY method. So you can DIY your own lip scrub with sugar oil and honey and it’s very simple to do I’ll going to put the blog post that I got my DIY from in the description box because it’s not my own recipe.

So I’ll gonna go ahead and cite my source but basically you just mix yourself up together and then you use a child toothbrush notice and threaten that you use a child toothbrush because they’re a lot softer than your normal ones and you don’t need to go crazy on your lips what they’re really a hard toothbrush you can imagine that might not lead to very beautiful things for your lips for the application of a DIY scar but it’s very similar what I did was to put the scrub into the toothbrush a little bit before I pronounced my lips because my biggest problem with lip scrubs kind of the DIY version or even the ones that you buy from lush is that they’re very messy you use your finger and do this number and it’s like falling all over your face the whole time and then with the toothbrush it was a little bit better because it was in the toothbrush um. So it couldn’t fall all the rila place that’s easily basically you do the same thing as you do with the powder Matic system which is scrubbing your lips and circular motions with the toothbrush and the lip scrub and I think I had to apply the lip scrub a couple times to the toothbrush because I was it was falling as I was using it. So it’s a little bit Messier but it does still end up scrubbing your lips now as a side note in my house I didn’t have any white granulated sugar I had coconut palm sugar which I’ll sure is somewhat different in scrub ability and normal sugar is still fairly scrubby. So I feel like it did a good job but it might not be exactly the same as what you would experience when you use white sugar with it just. So you know. So the results from my DIY lip scrub were that my lips were very soft feeling and I think you can tell in the clip that they look a lot smoother as well and what.

I really liked from the DIY scrub is that I had olive oil in it and I felt the oil on my lips afterwards. So my lips actually felt both scrubbed and moisturized and that was really nice. So the overall feeling was definitely a pleasant one my lips were much better suited for lipstick I could even wear I’ll out stick over it without any concerns of you know creasing into lines or sticking to dry skin or anything like that I knew that it would look really nice overtop of my lips at that point. So I was impressed by it overall I thought it did a good job of getting the dead skin off of my lips and leaving my lips feeling moisturized now on the downside I could tell that it didn’t get everything like it didn’t get like deep into my lips and get everything off. So even the next day when I woke up I knew that I had to use a lip scrub again normally with the powder Matic system I do it every other day because it is very thorough and I don’t need to do it every day whereas with the DIY scrub the next day I needed to exfoliate my lips again because I didn’t get everything off the first time now I might be able to change that by exfoliating longer with the DIY scrub but I do think just overall it’s not really equipped to really get in there and take as much off as it possibly can if that makes sense and when I say that I don’t mean that in like a really grotesque way I don’t think it’s painful at all on this the pad Ematic system is just very thorough but for five dollars perfect now the results of the pouch automatic I alluded to it a little bit before I do use this every other day because if I use it every day but let’s just don’t look as nice it’s not irritating it’s not painful if I use it you know back-to-back days it’s just you can tell that my lips are a little bit over exfoliated they don’t have time to completely you know rejuvenate moisturize whatever um between the different types that I use it. So I do it every other day I find that’s a little bit more effective I use this for seconds and that’s also it’s a very quick thing I like that there is absolutely no mess involved in this because this scrub as long as you only put a thin layer on you don’t try to like glop it on your lips you know you put that layer on there’s no mess involved in this I can even do it with my makeup and not disturb my makeup around it that’s how unbusy it is I guess that’s the word.

I was going for um and the other thing is that it kind of makes your lips feel really awesome afterward like it’s this like weird amazing tingly sensation um I don’t know how to explain it at all but it feels really good and your lips are completely clear of any dead skin I mean it’s like to percent of the dead skin is gone that’s it this lacks that kind of comfortable moisturize feeling afterward that you get from the DIY scrub. So that’s something that it does not offer that the DIY scrub does is that nice oily kind of moisturizing feel afterward but you do get a much more effective scrub from this one my overall thoughts is that the DIY lip scrub actually performed a lot better than I expected it to I was honestly thinking that the powder Matic such a terrible day I’ll like I cringe every time I have to say that but the powder Matic I really thought was gonna do. So much better than the DIY scrub and honestly they come out fairly close in um results overall I actually recommend both.

I think that you should definitely choose which one is best for you. So if you are stuck with a certain price point that can help to indicate which one is good for you if you would rather use some that’s naturally you can mix up at home and use that’s a good idea for you and then if you’re like a beauty gadget girl and you just love having different gadgets around and being able to play with your skincare and stuff and automatic might be a good one for you I think it really both of them are very effective I think the podomatic wins for me just because I like that it’s neater and it gets more exfoliating done and I only have to do it every other day um that’s my kind of favorite thing about it but for a lot of you guys I think the DIY lip scrub might win just maybe because of the price point maybe because it’s all-natural maybe because you probably already have a lot of those things in your house that you would need for it’s definitely got a lot of pros. So maybe tell me in the comments which one do you think wins you over because they’re both effective they both work really well and I think at the end of the day it just comes down to personal preference. So tell me in the comments which one after watching this post you are most interested in whether it’s the DI or a lip scrub or the Powermatic because I’ll curious and I think that’s it I hope this has been helpful for you guys I have it’s been kind of fun to hear about and let me know if you like this kind of like Smackdown style review as well because the thing that could be a little bit fun to do in the future maybe with like drugstore versus high-end possibly anyway I hope you guys have enjoyed this I will see you guys on Wednesday with my next post.

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