“How are your skin?” Socks and 5 of them say “sensitive”. But susceptibility is not so common. Because any cosmetic reacts from the moment it is first applied, the skin is easily irritated. If your skin does not accept cosmetic products and gives you indications like flushing and burning, then we can call it a sensitive skin type.

The appearance of sensitive skin is thin and transparent. Small pores. The capillaries are reddish and allergic to the external stimuli (heat exchange, wind, sun, alcohol, spicy foods) because they are on the surface and thin. It is not protected against external factors. It usually occurs on dry binders. It is as thin as cigarette paper. Climate changes and stress can cause immediate reaction in people with sensitive skin. If this is a periodic condition, then the person should be treated under the name of sensitized skin type at that time. In this period it is necessary to avoid everything that could ruin the natural structure of the skin. It is important to keep the skin pH stable.

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Allergic skin gives more aggressive reactions. The resulting redness can last as long as two weeks. For such skin types, medication should be consulted. They should also keep an eye on living conditions and stay away from the strut.

There are also sensitive bumpers (capillary problem). The capillaries at the upper level of this type of skin are weakened and cracked, and the result is a transparent and delicate skin cracked veins that appear as external redness.

Cheek, forehead and nose area red; The overall appearance of the skin is pink. It reacts very much to extreme heat and cold, has less secretion, skin texture is thinned.

Those with sensitive skin can use forms containing medical chamomile. Vitamin E raises the moisture value and increases the skin’s defense. Sensitive bindings use many products, the skin is not tired.

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