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Instructions to Runners

Advise each race participant to print name, address, telephone number, and medical problems on the back of the race number pinned to the body. This permits emergency personnel to quickly identify unconscious runners. Inform emergency personnel that this information exists.

Inform race participants of potential medical problems at prerace conferences and at the starting line. Signed registration forms should clearly state the types of heat or cold injuries that may arise from participation in this event.

Provide pre-event recommendations regarding training, fluid consumption, clothing selection, self-care, heat acclimatization, and signs or symptoms of heat/cold illness.

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A request that runners seek help for impaired competitors who appear ill, who are not coherent, who run in the wrong direction, or who exhibit upper-body swaying and poor competitive posture;

A warning to novice runners entering their first race that they should run at a comfortable pace and run with a partner;

Warnings to runners who are taking medications or have chronic illnesses asthma, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular problems.


This position stand replaces the ACSM position paper, ”The Prevention of Thermal Injuries During Distance Running.

This pronouncement was reviewed for the American College of Sports Medicine by members-at-large, the Pronouncements Committee, and by: Arthur E. Crago, MD; Stafford W. Dobbin, MD; Mary L. O’Toole, PhD, FACSM; LTC Katy L. Reynolds, MD; and John W. Robertson, MD, FACSM.

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