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COPPER For Pilates

Copper is a vital trace mineral and an ingredient of many digestive enzymes, thereby promoting the functions of the digestive system The copper content from natural foods after digestion is stored in the liver, kidneys, heart, brain, bones and muscles. Over half the copper is stored in the bones. Copper is required for the metabolism of fats.


Copper is required together with the mineral manganese for the proper assimilation of iron. Copper is required with iron in the development of blood haemoglobin.

It is required for the conversion of ascorbic acid into the form of vitamin C and for protection from infection, especially the lungs, as copper promotes tissue respiration and protects the lungs from infections.

Copper is a very important blood mineral and vital for the prevention of blood vessel ruptures. It may prevent the degeneration of heart muscles.

The balance between the minerals zinc and copper is crucial; if excess of either occurs, possibly due to supplements, the other mineral level will be lowered.

Natural copper foods such as tahini and most nuts provide an excellent supply of both minerals and they will help to provide a natural balance.

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