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Specific training routines

Now that you know how to enter your level, as well as basic programming workout and fitness techniques, you may go on to read any Exercise in the remainder of the blog. The Exercises that follow cover a wide range of topics in the field of fitness, athletics, appearance and health:

• The Exercises in Section 3 offer specific guidance for fitness and sports.

• Section 4 includes workout and fitness techniques for your health and well-being.

• Section 5 includes subjects that do not fit into the other categories, including information that parents and coaches can use when working with young people.

Pursue any of the topics that you desire. You can always come back to other topics later, as you need them.

-Training for fitness

• Beating around the bush is not an acceptable exercise.

• Running your mouth off about not having time to exercise won’t get you in shape.

• Skipping workouts is no substitute for skipping rope.

• Jumping to conclusions… well, you get the idea: Getting in shape involves using your body.

The recipe for fitness

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Yes, getting in shape involves using your body, but when you use your mind in addition, you can get into shape even faster. Every person – from world-class athlete to the average person – should have four goals in a fitness program:

1. Flexibility. Stretch and limber up. Flexibility is associated with youth, stiffness with old age.

2. Endurance. Practice exercises that cause you to breathe heavier than usual for 20 minutes.

3. Strength. Exercise against resistance to give you a reserve of strength.

4. Coordination. Develop your timing and coordination with activities such as sports or dancing.

There are three more factors to be considered in order to help you get into shape and stay in shape:

1. Nutrition. Put quality fuel into your body to build the strong healthy muscles and organs you desire. You can learn how to use the alpha level to help you determine what foods you need and to get the greatest nutritional value from the foods you eat (see Exercise 18).

2. Relaxation. Get sufficient rest, relaxation and sleep to recuperate and grow stronger. You will learn how to avoid burnout and determine how much rest and relaxation your body needs in Exercise 17.

3. Mental. Motivation, positive thinking, mental rehearsal and programming at the alpha level are necessary to give you the success you desire.

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