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Develop success habits

Jack was depressed as he and his wife, Jill, left church following a particularly blistering sermon by Rev. Stone.

“All those things he talked about, ” Jack said, “drinking, smoking, goofing off when I should be working, I’m guilty of all those things. That makes it seem like my life is worthless. ”

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“Nobody’s life is worthless, ” Jill said.

“Even mine? ”

“Even yours, ” Jill answered. “Look at it this way: You can always serve as a bad example.

You’d be perfect for that! ”

A powerful lesson from a real-life “bad example”

Old jokes can lose their humor with the passage of time. Before you laugh too much at the joke above, think about baseball player Mickey Mantle. As we were writing this blog, Mantle was receiving a liver transplant that was needed to save his life. He died a few weeks later.

“I had it all,” Mantle said to a television audience a month after the transplant, “and I threw it all away. I was finished when I was 36.” Speaking from his hospital bed, he shrugged and said, “This is a role model? Don’t be like me.”

The baseball great said he ruined his liver from too much alcohol. Drinking was the thing to do in the 1950s, and Mantle did it very well. A valuable saying comes to mind: It is good to learn from your mistakes, but it is even better to learn from other people’s mistakes.

There is no excuse for people to engage in bad habits that ruin their health and their lives. Superstar athletes are dying from using recreational drugs. Others are dying from using performance-enhancing drugs – steroids.

And there is no doubt about it: Cigarette smoking not only hurts athletic performance, it kills people every day.

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