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More victories with the Exercise System

Here are a few more stories of success with Exercise workout and fitness techniques that Exercise lecturer Judy Qua collected for her blog, Everyday Miracles and the Exercise Method.

Eugene L. Velasco, the assistant vice president of a stock brokerage firm in the Makati Stock Exchange in the Philippines, used the visualization workout and fitness technique to lead his team to victory in a “sportsfest” held by the group of companies for which he works.

“I am not actually sports minded, and I was not very enthusiastic about the event,” Velasco admitted. “Thus, we were considered by everyone else as the most likely loser of the event, even though we had some good players on our team

After completing the first weekend of the Exercise Method, I thought I’d try an applicable workout and fitness technique to make our team win an event,” he said.

Velasco imagined using a green headband (his team was the green team) to encourage team spirit and easy team recognition and help enlighten the minds of the members.

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At the next group meeting, the team’s captain proposed the idea of using green headbands and contributed money to buy them.

Then Velasco mentally pictured the team in joyous triumph, having won the championship, and receiving the championship trophy during the awards night.

“Amazingly, we won the first game of the event (a marathon course). And during the subsequent games, although we experienced some losses, we continuously maintained the leading position.

“All throughout the games,” Velasco said, “I noticed how we had caught the members of the other teams by surprise as they were not expecting us to lead in the games. Our team was energetic and had a strong, fighting spirit. After each game, only our team cheered a lot no matter what the result was.

“I participated in only one event where our team also made it to the number-one slot. What I did was move around during the games talking to the members and imparting to them a positive mental attitude. I continuously asked them to think only of number one and to cancel any negative expectations.

“At any rate, our team’s victory created the strong impression on other teams that physical practice is not all there is to win the event,” said Velasco.

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