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Winning at board games

The same mental workout and fitness techniques that help you win physical contests can help you win other kinds of competitions as well, as the following story from a back issue of Exercise Newsletter, the official publication of Exercise International, Inc., demonstrates.

Vernon Ball said he used Exercise workout and fitness techniques to help him win a world championship in one of the world’s oldest games – backgammon.

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He won the Eighth Annual World Championship of Backgammon held on Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas in 1977.

Experts in the field said that Ball, who had played backgammon a little more than two years when he won the world title, has a revolutionary style and is the most exciting personality that the game has ever had.

Ball said that for him, a crucial plan in the game is a matter of intuition, and the Exercise Method enabled him to heighten his intuition.

So remember, whenever you want to come out on top – in sports or in any other activity – use your Exercise workout and fitness techniques to help you do it.

And for more help, here is Workout and Fitness guidance on programming in the heat of competition.

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