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10 Ways to use Exercise workout and fitness techniques in competition

In the previous Exercise, you received guidance on how to program yourself ahead of time, during training and practice, to be better prepared for competition. There are many ways that to use the Exercise workout and fitness techniques to help you in actual competition:

1. The night before competition can be a stressful time.

Enter your level and relax, and program yourself to remain relaxed.

Use that feeling of relaxation that you have while you are at level as a point of reference, so that you can recall that feeling later when you need to relax.

Use the Sleep Control Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique in Exercise 16 to help you get a good night’s sleep.

2. Use your level to calm your nerves just before competition.

Anticipating an event is often more stressful than the event itself. Even some professional athletes get sick and throw up shortly before competition. Use your level to correct this.

• Identify the problem in the first monitor that you get too tense.

• Identify the solution in Monitor Number 2 having all the energy you need but not too much tension.

• And in Monitor Number 3, imagine yourself going into competition ready to perform at the very peak of your ability.

3. During breaks in the competition, use your visualization workout and fitness techniques to correct any mistakes and imagine yourself performing perfectly when you get back into competition.

Close your eyes or defocus your vision, and recall the feeling of being at your level.

You can also preprogram yourself that when you use the Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique, you will be at your level so that you can program.

Practice ahead of time, so that when you are in a high-pressure competitive situation you will be able to program yourself in only a matter of seconds.

4. At halftime, or whenever you have a long enough break, count yourself into your level, review your mistakes and cancel-cancel them.

Then review the things you did well and reinforce them, especially recalling how you felt.

Then program to perform correctly in the second half and win.

5. Use a trigger mechanism, as you learned in Exercise 8.

You can use your Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique to help you perform better, or a phrase, or the cheering of the crowd.

Preprogram your trigger mechanism at your level ahead of time, and expect it to work for you

during competition.

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6. Stay focused by canceling out any distractions and thinking about what you want to accomplish.

If you make a mistake and it helps your opponent, then mentally or verbally say “cancel-cancel,”

erase the image of the mistake and start thinking about what you want to accomplish.

This is what is meant by “mental toughness.”

7. Recall the feeling of succeeding, of winning.

Recall how you felt mentally, emotionally and physically when you were performing exceptionally well, when you were “in the zone.”

Use the “special state of mind” workout and fitness technique that you learned in Exercise 8. Call on your Mental Coach to help you, as you learned in Exercise 7.

8. Be careful about trying to “psych out” your opponent.

Remember Mental Housecleaning in Exercise 2. Any image that you put into your mind will make an impression on your brain. And signals from your brain control your body.

Wish your opponents well, and make sure that you do a little better than they do.

9. Help your teammates stay focused and positive by encouraging them.

Do not tell them what not to do; tell them what to do.

Beware of the word “don’t.”

Instead of saying, “Don’t miss the ball” or “Don’t blow the play,” tell them to “Hit the ball” or “Hold your position.”

Review Exercise 2 on Mental Housecleaning, and program yourself to make only positive statements when competing.

10. When you’ve got your intuition going for you, use it.

If you correctly anticipate what is likely to happen, then use this success to help you have even more successes.

Even in the midst of competition, if you can take a moment to put your three fingers together and program the feeling that you had when you correctly anticipated the event, this can help you to anticipate more events.

After the competition is over, enter your level, review all of your successes and reinforce them, especially how you felt, so that you can use this to have even more successes in the future.

It is easier to detect – anticipate – what another person is thinking or planning to when they are there with you. That’s because the physical part of your aura extends about 8 meters out from your body. Now that you are aware that you can detect information this way, you will find it easy to do.

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