Preparations for Sore Muscles, Bones and Nerves Homemade

Many of the recipes for bath and body oils are helpful for treating sore muscles, aching bones and frazzled nerves. For example, the salt and vinegar baths are excellent for soreness, while the warming ginger bath is very helpful for alleviating bone-penetrating chills. Following are some recipes formulated specifically for their therapeutic effects.

Preparations for Sore Muscles, Bones and Nerves Homemade Photo Gallery

 On top of this, I was still drinking too much. I started doing some modelling for a Wellington agency, in an attempt to fill a hole that was opening up inside me. And I was putting a lot into what I now see as pretty superficial pursuits I was addicted to spending money to show people I could afford anything I wanted, and I was focused on doing whatever I could to be seen as skinny, beautiful and successful. I would waste a lot of money on maintaining a really social, appearance-focused life taking people out for lunch, shouting fancy bottles of wine, buying endless new clothes and shoes, getting my hair done a lot and so on. I travelled a lot for work and enjoyed the lifestyle of corporate travel, always staying in new hotels, hanging out in the Koru Lounges, going to events and generally being among people I saw as very important and successful. I got carried away with keeping up with it all and started pulling away from my family. I am so ashamed to admit that at times I even saw them as slowing me down an obstacle to my fast-paced lifestyle. I had so much going on that, looking back, I’m not sure how I possibly fitted everything in. But I was working hard and doing well in my career, so I told myself everything was okay. What I was trying to do was build a ‘perfect’ life for me and my family.

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