Pretty Bun for Work Play or Back to School

I have another tutorial today and I like this one a lot because first of all I think it’s great for summer and going into fall because in summer I like having my hair up and off my neck because it’s hot and it’s humid. So you kind of want to like contain the frizz my hair doesn’t really frizz but for other people I know that if you kind of have your hair up it keeps it from frizzing quite as much and then I love it going into fall because for fall I always think of these kind of feminine hairstyles where you have your hair all up in an updo for whatever reason that’s what I always associate with fall and I love this for that one because it’s it’s great because it’s up and it’s out of the way and it’s feminine without being like really mature you know what I mean because if you wear a button sometimes it can just feel a little bit old and I think This a kind of new or a more fun way to wear it I think with a little braids help to kind of young if I it and I think the teased texture kind of helps a little bit to kind of brings it into. So hope you guys like this a lot umm I really like it and I’ll excited. So I think that’s all.

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I have to say about it though. So I will see you guys next week with more tutorial. So be sure to check back then until then I will see you later well bye step create your braids your gonna start about inches back from the front of your hair and braid a very small section of hair all the way down and secure it with a very small band now you don’t want to braid too tightly because the brain would be a little bit difficult to work with. So do with about a medium level of tension then call about two inches forward and write a second piece of hair all the way down again securing it with a band and then repeat the same thing on the other side you want to get these about the same placement on the other side as you did on the first side. So that it looks even now you’re going to create your bump now if you’re not into teasing you can skip this step don’t feel like it’s absolutely necessary I’ll gonna tease two sections of hair to create a lot of volume because I like my bumps and then go ahead and smooth it back push it up and crisscross your pins at the base to hold it in place again if you don’t like teasing or you don’t like bumps you can always skip this step step three is to create your shape This gonna be a shaping the front of the hairstyle move your braids out of the way and then pull the hair on the front towards the back swooping it back in a really flattering way. So that it goes either against the bump or against your hair as it lays naturally and pin it into place pinning once or twice.

I’ll sorry vertically to hold it in place and then arrange your braids back and pin those into place and you can arrange those bobby pins into the bobby pins that you previously did. So that it creates a really stable network of bobby pins to hold your style throughout the day and now you’re gonna repeat that on the other side with your braids out of the way then shape that front backwards however you see fit whether you like it to swoop down over your forehead or whether you like it to come back a little bit more this place is very customizable to your taste and then pin once down into it and once up into it. So you’ve got both ends included and you’ve got your pins criss-crossing. So that a holds well pull your braids back and arrange them as you like them and pin them into place step four is to create your button again teasing is optional here I really liked the texture that this gave my bun but you can always twist it into a conventional bun if you want I’ll taking the keys here and twisting it very loosely as I wrap it into a bun and you can see here that I’ll making kind of an oval shaped button rather than kind of a cinnamon bun I wanted a different shape here. So that’s what I did and that’s another reason why I teased it again you can do whatever you want with it you can twist it really tightly or you can twist it really loosely and get a similar effect without the teasing if you have medium to thick hair just skip the teasing because your hair will look about the same I just had very fine hair and that’s it you’ve got your pretty little fall hairstyle or summer hairstyle however you want it to be I really like this I think it’s great and feminine and easy to wear. So I hope you guys like it send me pictures of you try it out I would love to see them here’s some more posts to check out I have some very feminine hairstyles that go along with this one. So if you liked this hairstyle you’ll like those hairstyles hope you check them out I’ll see you my next post bye.

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