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For centuries after the end of theVedic era, Ayurvedic medicine developed into a comprehensive healing system. Pretty haircuts for girls with medium hair Its philosophy and techniques soon spread far and wide to China, Arabia, Persia and Greece, gradually influencing Middle Eastern, Greek and Chinese methods of healing. It is well known that Ayurvedic practitioners reached the ancient city of Athens, and it can be noted that the traditional Greek folk medicine, based upon the bodily humours (characteristics), is significantly similar to Ayurveda. In turn, Greek medicine strongly influenced the subsequent development of what we call traditional or orthodox Western medicine. However it is much too difficult to say exactly how much or to what degree the medical philosophy of Ayurveda was indeed influential, or even how much Ayurveda influenced current techniques.

Greek and European Medicine

The five elements in Chinese medicine appear to have come from Ayurveda. It is documented that the Indian medical system was brought to China by Indian Buddhist missionaries, many of whom were skilled Ayurvedic practitioners.The missionaries also travelled to South east Asia and Tibet, influencing the people of these lands.Tibetan medicine, for example, is an intricate mix of Ayurvedic practices and philosophy with a Tibetan Buddhist and shamanic influence.

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