Pretty haircuts for teenage girls

Your tarot card is ‘The Three of Cups, depicting a wait and watch period. Set aside time to examine your career. Be sure to glam up. A great way to look and feel bright is to add ash brown and blonde highlights. Use a colour treated shampoo to maintain your streaks. Trying a soft perm may be a good idea. Pinks and blues should be your colours this month. If single, enjoy the attention you get over long dates and telephone conversations. Tip of the month: A manicure and pedicure is a must. Your tarot card is ‘The Ace of Wands’, indicating a time of introspection. Your agenda should be beauty from the inside out. Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. A morning jog will do wonders for your health. Make sure to use a great cleanser and toner. For your hair, try a global colour in burgundy or mahogany. Go easy on products and flaunt your natural texture. Love life will be exciting as you spend time with your partner over long, luxurious weekends. Tip of the month: Get enough beauty sleep; eight hours each night is a must. Pretty haircuts for teenage girls Your tarot card is ‘The Ace of Pentacles’, depicting a time of renewed vigour. Teamwork, networking and originality will be the big factors for advancement in the workplace. You may need to socialise and travel.

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