Pretty Little Liars – Hannahs Homecoming Updo

Today I’ll doing this up to the Hannah war to the homecoming dance and pretty little liars it was on season one like the six episode or something like that right after it came out everybody requested me to do a hair tutorial on it and then ever since then I keep getting requests for it. So I decided I should do that as part of my little Pretty Little Liars series the thing about this hairstyle is that in just about every clip it looks somewhat different I’ll assuming is because they film on different days and with this kind of hairstyle it’s actually hard to get it the same every single day. So I just did my kind of interpretation of where they went with it I also did it with us like a shinier texture with my hair and. So it’s not quite as um it sounds quite as matte of a texture if you want that you can try putting some surf product in your hair or something like that that’s gonna help add some mats this to the hairstyle but I like the shiny I like kind of the healthy look that it has there but This my take on it’s not I’ll not gonna say it’s verbatim but I think it’s very close and I like it and it’s ridiculously easy. So with all that said.

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I’ll just gonna go ahead and and show you how to do it yeah as always we’re going to start off by sectioning section that’s hair from the crown of your head up and secure that out of the way and then you’re gonna stick the rest of your hair in a ponytail because we’re actually gonna work on that top section first. So let that top section down and separate off the hair in the very front of that section and that’s a clamp not scissors and then you’re just gonna backcomb through the rest of that hair now for this I use this cool comb that I got I think it came art it’s by Conair and it’s for brushing through wet hair but it’s got like three little rows of teeth and it does amazingly for about combing and once you’ve got all that done you can flip all your hair back gather it in the back and then up to create a little poof and crisscross pin in place then use the end of a rat tail comb just to pull forward that volume even more now I’ll a little bit afraid of poof. So I didn’t make mine too big but if you want more you can do more and then let the rest of the hair down you grab the hair that’s in front of the ears you’re going to get about a two inch section here and pull it tightly back and over those pins in the back and then pin in place you want it tight because that I’ve situates the volume on top and it creates a kind of more of a voluminous shape on top that’s where that’s going for voluminous and do that same thing on the other side and that’s kind of how it looks once you’ve got that much done and then you’re gonna go ahead and curl the rest of the hair that’s down there you can curl the hair first if you like but this way you don’t end up curling hair that you don’t need to curl and what I did was I rolled the curl back up by wrapping it around my two fingers and clamping it and that just helps the hair to cool in the curl. So the curl can last a little bit longer my hair is difficult to curl.

So I always do that but if you don’t want to you don’t have to. So again you’re just gonna go through here and curl all of the hair that’s not up in a pouf and then once they’ve cooled you can go ahead and let the curls down and then separate the hair this in the middle here mostly just the stuff that’s been bobby pin down you’re just gonna twist it into a really loose bun and leave the ends free and pin that in place you can see this looks really messy this doesn’t need to be tight we’re just trying to get the hair up then for the rest of this you’re actually going to take one-inch sections then you’re going to pull them up in loops kind of over the base of that bun and right underneath the base of the pouf and what you want to do here is create a really droopy shape the the shape of the original hairstyle is very elongated. So you don’t want this to be really tight and on like a normal budget you want this to be very loose and cascading. So you’re gonna kind of pull all this hair very loosely back into one centralized point pretty much right underneath the pouf right there the very base of the pouf. So just do that I do this in about five sections and then if your hair is a little bit longer like me we get to deal with the ends if your hair isn’t too long you can probably stop here but if you have ends that hang down below your hairline you can actually just pull it back up a little bit and create little twists you can see me doing that here I just kind of helped shape the curl just a little bit and then I pinned that against my head again you don’t want to make those super tight you don’t make tight little curls you just want to make really loose curls. So that it looks very cascading still and again kind of elongated and that’s it.

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