Pretty Little Liars – Hannas Bouncy Piece-y Curls

Hey girls Abbey here. So I decided to start doing a little series for back-to-school and I decided to do a Pretty Little Liars series. So for the next four weeks I’ll going to be doing each week is a theme from a different character. So this week is Hannah and then I’ll going to be doing Spencer and Emily and Aria and I don’t know what order that’s gonna happen in but it’s gonna be happening. So This Hanna and what I love about Hanna that they’ve been doing recently is kind of these top heavy PC curls now if you like to like season one she’s got the kind of Kardashian like curls down through the skirt of the hair big full body curls but then in a more recent episode she’s actually getting into kind of tighter curls and they’re more top-heavy which is similar to what they’ve been doing with Spencer the difference with Hanna is that they’re more PC and they’re got a little bit more surf texture in them which is what I did with this one. So essentially it’s just like really.

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I think it’s just pretty I just like the PC slightly beachy curls that start more up here and the focus of the hair style is more up here than it is down here which This going on for a long time and I’ll really glad to see this kind of thing coming and I think it’s really cute and pretty and all that stuff. So anyway I really like it um as far as surf products I’ll sure people are gonna ask about this kind of thing um if you want your hair to have more of like a matte texture to it looks like a little bit more surfy I would say either start off by when your hair is wet or right after you blow-dry it use some of the FX surf head putty or any kind of surf putty that you really like to go through your hair and add some texture or this one and This like six dollars and I’ve got it at Walgreens or Rite Aid I haven’t seen anywhere else but I’ve seen it there and the other one is wall shake oh eight by redkin this one is a lot more expensive I think this one’s like eighteen dollars um it does work to help get a Maddy like a more matte texture in your hair and get it like a little bit more loose and helps add some volume. So if you’re okay with the price point it’s a good one but if you want to go for a lower price point I recommend this one. So anyway yeah that’s these curls I hope you guys like this I hope you guys are excited for this series and if you have any requests for Spencer or Aria or Emily. So then in my form spring I am more than excited to get those. So yeah that’s it and with that very long intro I the way I’ll going to go ahead and do this tutorial as always we’re going to start off by sectioning section the hair from the crown of your head up first and clamping out of the way and then you’re gonna grab the hair from your ears up and clamp that out of the way what we’re gonna do here is we’re going to create different curl tightness based on those sections. So that very lowest section is going to have the loosest curl what I did was I used a one-inch curling iron here which is bigger than I use on the rest but if you don’t have multiple curling irons which is completely understandable and normal then you can just curl these and let them fall now you can see I’ll pinning it up because.

I have the larger curling iron but if you don’t just let them fall and it’s gonna cause the curl to loosen up and then you’ll see what we do on the top layers to help those curls be a little bit tighter but we want the tighter curls on top. So that we get a more focused on the top kind of curls instead of curls that are focused on the bottom. So with this next one I’ll using a three-quarter inch curling iron and again if you don’t have two different curling irons but you’re gonna do with this one is you’re gonna twist the curl back up and you’re gonna pin it against your head. So that it can cool in its shape and it will be it’s Heitor than the ones that you just let fall.

I’ll going to show you how to do that little wrapping thing here essentially you can just put one or two fingers up wrap the curl around it and then pin it against your head just that easy and it helps it to cool in that shape. So that it will be tighter and then you can kind of fake having two different size curling irons which is pretty cool and you can go through here using one and two inch sections it really doesn’t matter you can do it pretty roughly then let the last one down and you want to get these the tightest and the closest to the scalp that you can because these need to be the very tightest we’re kind of making a gradient of tight to loose curls here which is pretty fun and then having them separated like this and cooling is going to help them be more individual of PC. So that’s gonna help you get that PC look at the of the day and then when you go and you put in your volumizing hairspray or you have your Surfrider product or any of that then it helps it to be a little bit more PC as well. So after you’ve let it cool for about five or ten minutes after the last crawl that you put in and you can go ahead and take them down and just let them fall naturally and you’ll find that some of these look a little bit like ringlets you’re gonna want to pull those apart. So that they look a little bit more PC I actually off camera just like threw my hair over my head and pulled it back up and that kind of helps to break up curls a little bit too and then you can just arrange them as you see fit and pull them around stuff like that just get them to where you like them and then you’re gonna use either a volumizing hairspray or some kind of gel or anything like that I’ll using a spray gel by redken and you’re just gonna spray that through your hair and scrunch and that’s gonna be the last little bit you.

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