Pretty Pin-Curled Formal Updo

Hey guys Abbey here and This my friend Jenna hi and I actually did her hair for prom and I instagrammed a picture of her hair and a lot of people asked me for a tutorial. So she agreed to be my model and I did a tutorial on the hair that I did I simplified it a little bit for this tutorial. So hopefully a lot of you guys will be able to catch on to it I really like it I think it’s really pretty she showed me like four or five pictures and it’s kind of a compilation of a lot of different styles that she liked. So I hope you guys like this I hope you liked the post and I will see the next post wow I’ll going to start off by parting your hair to one side and then separate the hair in front of the ears on either side and clip them out of the way. So that they don’t interfere with what we’re doing in the back then you’re gonna go ahead and separate the hair from about ear height up we’re gonna tease all of that because this little bump is kind of a focal point in the hairstyle. So start up at the top with like one inch sections then I’ll spraying with some dry shampoo to make it a little bit easier to tease and just teasing backward and you can see I’ll gonna take about three sections all the way around that section to go ahead and Keys all that hair. So it’s a lot but I mean is a formal hairstyle.

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So it is kind of expected. So once you’ve got all that teased you’re gonna pull it together push it up and pin it into place and with here this light you should be using blonde color bobby pins for some reason I used black for the first little bit here and I don’t know why anyway now you’re gonna take that front section and take about an inch from that back comb just a little bit and just drape it over the front what I was trying to do here is to pull all the hair from where her headband is going to fall backward. So basically taking another little section here on a diagonal and then teasing it and basically all that’s left now is her bangs. So teasing that bringing it over the top and you don’t have to do that it was just cause of the way that had been what’s gonna hit I wanted to pull that little bump section a little farther forward now you’re gonna go ahead and pull back the bangs if you want to if you want to leave your fringe down you can do that as well but basically she wanted her his back. So I went ahead and just delicately pulled all that back and put it into place now you’re gonna do the exact same thing on the other side and now I’ll showing it to you from the back. So you can see what that looks like but the other cool thing about doing it this way is that it creates lots of layers. So it creates a cool effect on that little bun Dariya and you’re gonna go ahead and just give it a little bit hairspray because this area of the hairstyle is done now you’re gonna separate the hair kind of on a diagonal and you’re gonna put basically this bottom right quadrant of hair into a bun that’s gonna create a base for all of the painting that we’re getting ready to do also it makes it a lot easier because This a bunch of hair that you don’t have to curl in pin into place and it makes all the curling and pinning significantly easier because you have something to put into and it’s not just floating around like I’ll telling you this step is absolutely necessary.

So anyway let the rest of the hair down and she has. So much hair it’s beautiful too right anyway then you’re gonna take an intersection and a one-inch iron or whatever you have and just curl the hair and you can do this with a clipless iron as well because you’re basically just trying to get some bend to the hair and you’re gonna wrap it around two fingers and make sure that you keep that pretty why you don’t want it to get too small and then just wrap it up against the head and you’re basically just gonna place these as you see fit This all kind of your eye making out what’s gonna work and what you basically do is pin down on the bottom part of each side and I have some better clips of me pinning that into place later on basically that’s what you’re just gonna keep doing for this whole curled bit is just to curl it wrap it around two fingers place it against the head and pin it into place and you want to make sure that those curls don’t get too small cuz then it ends up looking really tight and not as loose and effortless and because of all the curls that you have going on I’ll even right here you can see how I’ll pinning it by the way cuz of all the curls you have going on if you get it really tight it’s gonna look overworked that’s gonna look like you did way too much but if you keep it loose it looks a little bit more current and it’s gonna look a little bit less effortful anyway. So we’re just continuing to do that and you can see that.

I was switching with the directions that I’ll pinning this. So I’ll having some where the hair goes over and somewhere the hair goes under and that’s important as well and again I’ll paying these by just catching the bottom section of that curl on one side and then just pinning down and into that bun and then I’ll getting on the other side of the karla doing the exact same thing that’s a lot easier than trying to hide your pins while you’re pinning straight across the curl it’s doable but that’s really difficult if you just try to pin once on either side of the curl then it will stay in place and it’s a lot easier to do with keeping your bobby pins hidden and because we’re going over that button you have a lot to pin into. So you don’t have to worry about hitting somebody’s head while you’re doing this and. So then you’re just gonna finish up and you’re still pulling these all over to one side and arranging them on the one side and then you’re gonna go ahead and place your headband or you could go ahead and place your headband while you’re working on doing all the tease sections just depending on your preference but that is the hairstyle and This a lot more advanced to what I usually do but I’ve been doing. So many everyday styles I thought it was about time to throw in an advanced one I hope you guys like this I think it’s super pretty I also think it a super pretty and I love her hair anyway. So I hope you guys like this check out these posts and I will see you guys next Tuesday with another tutorial bye.

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