Pretzel Twist into Messy Bun Updos Hairstyles

Hey, all of you loyal fans. We’re here this morning, and we’re going to film pretzel twist messy bun. Super fun, really easy, lot of comments. So I’ve started by just pulling her hair back into a pony tail, pretty basic. Now, you’re going to take the hair and divide it into two pieces. At this point, you can do a couple things. You can wet the hair down just a little if you want. This will be especially helpful if you have layers in your hair. Or you can go ahead and add a little bit of pomade or fiber gum if you want. I’m not going to today, but that’s an option if you have a hard time keeping the fly-aways under control. Once you’ve got your two pieces, you’re just going to start twisting. You can twist each piece one at a time. Now this piece, you can tell I’m twisting towards her face. And then, have her hold.

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And then, twist the other piece towards her face again. Now, take both pieces. And if you’re doing it on yourself, you can always just twist it with your fingers like this, and then you don’t have to hold the ends. You’re going to take the pieces and just twist them until they start tightening up, and they create little round bumps on the bottom. That’s where we’re going to get our little pretzel effect. So once you get your little pretzel organized and set out, take a rubber band, and you’re just going to secure the entire thing with a rubber band. OK, once you get your rubber band in place, take the ends you can froof them any way you want. Add a little pizazz to it. Add some hairspray. And then, take a fun ribbon, and you can tie it in. Or if you’re a little bit older and you don’t want the ribbon, I love these new feather headbands. You can take a matching headband and just go ahead and place it in her hair in front and then have the cute, messy bun with the pretzel twist in back. Spritz a little hairspray, and you are ready to go.

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