Preventative Skincare

To counteract potential future damage, top dermatologists recommend you look for the following antioxidants in your daily moisturizer: idebenone, ferulic acid, vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10 and lycopene.

The afternoon work was from 13. 00 until 17. 00 with a 20-minute smoko at three o’clock. We finished at 17.

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00 and then all three of us had to report back to LJ and have a 20-minute meeting to explain and discuss everything we had done that day. If there was anything he was unhappy about, we had to go and repair the problem. We could generally bank on him being dissatisfied on one day in every three.

Most of our days ended by 17. 30, although sometimes we were still at it an hour after that. Once, John had to work until 20.

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