Pride and Prejudice Inspired Updo

Today’s formal hairstyle is inspired by Pride and Prejudice and I’ve been requested a lot in the comments to do that and I thought that was just really intriguing I love Jane Austen and I love the movies and. So I was like well you know what okay um. So this one was one that Jane wore I believe um it was – one of the balls I believe it was the second one in the movie and I’ll just completely blanking on their estimate but I was the one that stuck with me. So when I thought back to the movie that was like well that’s what I want to do. So I hope you guys like it I think it’s at least close I think it’s really pretty especially for like a prom or a wedding um if you wanted to make these chunkier and then make this Messier you could wear it every day and I think it would look really cute. So that’s all.

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I hope you guys like it and I’ll see you my next tutorial ah I this hairstyle is going to work best with some kind of curls or waves in your hair texture if your hair is naturally curly or wavy just go with your hair’s natural texture but if you’re like me and you have very straight hair you’re gonna want to curl it at least a little bit I use hot rollers because it’s. So much faster and then once you’ve got that done you’re gonna go ahead and section off the hair in front of the ears on either side and then you’re gonna separate the hair from the hairline to the crown of the head. So basically all the hair in front of your head is sectioned off and then you’re gonna pick up the hair about half of the hair that’s left and pick it up and put it in a high ponytail and then you’re gonna create a really loose bun and basically you want to make sure that you keep that up nice and high because it’s gonna create the best line and you can either twist the hair really loosely and then wrap it really loosely or if your hair will do it like mine you can just not even twist it and just go ahead and wrap it around and then pin it once at each side and then you’re gonna take up the next hair and I put a little bobby pin at the very base of it just to hold it there but then you’re gonna create a second bun around the first bun. So it’s just making it a little bit bigger and make sure that you hit this one nice and loose as well and it’s gonna look very romantic and effortless when you do it that way make sure you use your pins you can crisscross these pins with the pins you already put in. So they stay better then you’re gonna section your hair from the temples up and you’re gonna pull it back to right on top of the bun and arrange it in the front.

This how it’s gonna look once you’re done. So you want to go ahead and make sure This exactly how you want it then you’re gonna pin it in place right there then we’re gonna section off the little hair for the braids to take a section that’s only an inch back from your hairline and braid that all the way down and then once you get all the way down that hair go ahead and seal it off with rubber band then pick another section that’s just like inches back from the front on the other side and braid that all the way down you want to keep these about a medium level of tension you don’t want to have it too tight and then take a third section on the first side the furthest back and go ahead and braid that all the way down and seal it off with the band then move those braids out of the way. So we can finish up putting the hair into the bun and you’re gonna grab the hair from one side that’s under that’s right behind the ear and go ahead and arrange it back and right here you’re creating how it’s gonna look once you’re done. So go ahead and take your time to make sure that’s nice and loose and it has a look that you’re going for and then go ahead and pin it into the base of the bun and do the same thing on the other side just make sure you have a nice and up swept and that you have it exactly how you want it I like to keep it a little bit loose and then you can pin it nice and tightly into the bun that way you have an effortless look but it’s not going to fall out then you’re gonna go ahead and take that hair and arrange it around the bun as you want to to create a really nice effortless look what.

I did first was to create a little roll on top of my buns make it look higher and then I wanted this hair to zigzag around. So I’ve holed it all together on one side and I pinned it in there and then I went ahead and pulled it over to the other side and pins out on the other side and kind of did that little number it’s like got it where I wanted it you can do that or you can create lots of little loops however you want to do it just play around with your hair and see what you like and just pin it wherever you see that you like it and now the final thing we’re gonna do is arrange these braids now my hair was actually too short to do it like it was in the movie which surprised me. So for those of you with shorter hair you’re just gonna reach the hair across the head and pin it underneath the head that we’ve swept back. So you don’t see the pins and if your hair is longer just wind it back and forth This gonna be one where you play with your hair until you get the look that you want and as soon as you get it there just go ahead and pin it and then you’re gonna be done hope you like it.

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