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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from “Hairstyles.” And today, we are going to film a “Hunger Games”-inspired tutorial. And we’re going to call it the Primrose Everdeen braids. So in District , they wear a lot of brains and a lot of French braids. And if you’ve seen the trailers like I have, Prim has some really cute, basic French braids in. So we’re going to show you how to do those today. OK, I’m just going to take well, I’ve divided her hair in half just so you know to begin with. And I’m just going to start by taking a little piece right here. And I’m going to just start a regular any French braid, just your basic French braid. And then you’re going to pick up hair and add it in to that top piece. And you’re going to braid it in. Now I have a basic hair braiding tutorial for this braid if you don’t already know how to French braid.

Primrose Everdeen Braids Hunger Games Hairstyles Photo Gallery

The difference that I can see between the French braids that I’ve done before and the Prim one is that they keep it super close to her hairline and as tight to her ear is they can so that the braids show really well from the front shot of her face, which makes them really cute because they pop out a little more than a French braid that might go like this down her head. So as you can see, when I’m doing the stranding of the hair you can see there’s quite a drop into the braid and very little on this bottom side. And I’m just going to continue add in hair and braid. And continue just remembering to stay as close to the hairline as you can. I”m going to turn you just a little bit. I loved all the braids and stuff for District. They were very fun. OK. So when you get to the end, now her braids hung in front.

So I’m going to shift her just a little bit so that the braids will drop towards the front of her face. And on Prim, because they live in District where they work outside a lot and stuff, her hair was a little looser and had little wispies coming out. So I’ve done her hair completely dry today. And it will look very similar after a day of running around at school. I’m just going to secure the end with an elastic and let it fall to the front. And there you can see one hair I left out of there. You can see that from the front shot, it shows very cute right here and right here because they’re so close to the ears. And from the back, you can see that there’s quite a bit of a drop into the braids where normally if I were just going to French braid down the head, I would literally go straight down like this. And the braids would be falling back behind, not over the shoulder. So there you go. Primrose Everdeen braids. Hope you enjoy and we’ll see you later.

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