Prims Mockingjay Braided-Bun Updo Hunger Games Hairstyles

Hi guys. It’s Abby with Hairstyles. Today, I’m here with Camry. Hi, guys. We’re going to show you another “Mockingjay” hairstyle. And this time, we’re going to do a Prim style. And we’re calling this one the CGH Prim Buns. Now, in another movie, Prim wore some braids. And Katniss has worn a cute reaping braid before. And this is sort of like a little kind of combination of both of them. So her hair’s kind of pulled back it’s very cute and then twisted into buns. I love it. It’s a great one if you’re an athlete or a dancer. So let’s go. For this style, I started by just parting her hair all the way down the middle, dead center, even part. Now, the great thing about this hairstyle is Prim had it in the movie. It really was pretty slicked back. So I’m going to go ahead and wet the hair. Hers is dry currently.

Prims Mockingjay Braided-Bun Updo Hunger Games Hairstyles Photo Gallery

You don’t have to do this. You could leave it dry if you’d like, But, bonus, it’s a wet hairstyle. So you could just get out of the shower and do this one too, and it would work great. Then I’m just going to comb and smooth everything out, so that we don’t have any bumps or flyaways or anything like that. Try to get it to go back behind her ear. And when I’ve got that the way I like it, then I’m just going to divide the hair into three sections. And I’m going to do a braid. And make sure that when you do this braid, you’re running pretty much straight down. You don’t want to pull it over like this. You pretty much want it straight so that it lays nice and flat when you twist it. Normal braid, nothing fancy. Prim had this relatively slicked back on her. Which makes sense, because she’s work in the medicine and the hospital medical field. So of course she’d want her hair out of her face, out of the way of any patients or anything she was doing.

So when you get to the end, you’re going to secure with an elastic. Try to take it was close to the ends of the hair as possible. And then you’re going to have your two braids like this, ready to go. You’re going to take them. And just fold the end in as tight as you can. The hardest part is the very end that’s not braided, because you just dont’ want that sticking out all over the place. So you just fold it in as tight as you can. And then roll. Roll all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up. And then just land it right on the head. And I want it as close to the part line as possible, so that when we lay the two of them together, they almost look like they’re forming one bun. and then just go ahead and bobby pin into place. This is probably going to require an elastic with that one four or five bobby pins at least. It May require more, depending on hair length and thickness. So just pin until you feel like it’s secure. When you’ve got that on there pretty secure, then do the same thing to the next braid. What I do is always say, OK, shake your head a little bit. And then, like, if I can see that they’re pulling off the head at all or anything like that, then I’ll just go back and add a few more. And they can usually tell.

Cam, how’s it feel on your head? Does it feel secure? Do you feel like you have any that are lose? This one? Once you’re pinned, you’re good to go. OK, let’s do the final spin. So there you have the cute little buns, little cinnamon buns on the back of your head. Great for dancers, especially the ballet. They have to keep their hair back all the time. Now, you guys, we’re almost to three million. And I would love to hit it by the end of the year. But that’s entirely up to you guys. So if you’re not already a commentr but you’re watching our posts, make sure to hit this button so you can be notified when we post our new posts. And we’d love to have you guys be part of the CGH commentr family. And we will see you guys next Sunday. Bye, you guys. Bye. And get it sitting exactly where I want it and how I want it. And make sure that it’s going to flip over that shoulder easily. I feel great. Hey, do you like my hair? We love your hair. It’s really soft? It’s really soft? It’s so light and fluffy. Brooklyn needs to wipe her nose. My nose is runny! OK, stop. I’m wiping it. It’s not your nose running, Brooklyn. It’s your tears. I’m not crying that much. Yeah, you are. What else do you want to talk about? It’s not fair. Kiss it better. No, kiss it better. OK. It’s OK. No, you got to kiss it better! She wants you to kiss it better. She wants you to kiss it get better. Mwah. All better.

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