Princess Aurora Twistback Inspired by Disneys Maleficent

You are the icing on my cake. You are the smile I can’t replace. You are. Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA, and today I’m here with Miss Bailey. Hi. And we’re going to show you how to do the Aurora inspired twistback. Now, I loved this when I saw it. Elle Fanning’s hair looks gorgeous in the movie. It’s blonde and really pretty and really ethereal looking. So I knew we needed to do this hairstyle, so we’re going to show you how to get a very, very similar. But bonus for you guys Bonus Because we have a family post coming up on Wednesday. A little bonus snippet for you guys. And a few weeks ago we posted a little Instagram picture of Brooklyn in her mermaid outfit, and that may or may not have something to do with the post on Wednesday. So, wink, wink. Anyway, you’re going to want to check it out. In the meantime, let’s go do the hair. OK. Now, to begin with on this hairstyle, I parted her hair right down the middle, because that’s how Aurora wears it Elle is her real name.

Princess Aurora Twistback Inspired by Disneys Maleficent Photo Gallery

And then I’m going to take my finger, and about an inch maybe above her ear, I’m just going to go kind of make a line and leave some hair. There we go. Make sure it’s straight. Leave some hair over her ear to create softness right there. Now I’m going to take this section of hair, and this is what we’re gong to use to make our twists. So I’m going to separated it into two pieces, and I really want it going kind of in a diagonal look down on her head. And I want it to be pretty soft, so I’m not going to twist it too tight, especially right here at the front. But we can work with it to make it a little bit looser when we’re done. So if I keep twisting, yeah. That’s about right. Will you hold that for me, babe? Now I’m going to go to the other side and do the same thing. I’m going to create a line over her ear. Now I’m going to take this top section and create a nice twist with this hair. Again, making sure it’s pretty soft, we’ve got a nice twist going down. OK. When you have your twists, you’re going to take them and security them with an elastic. And you can see Bailey’s got some layers popping out. That’s OK. Figure out where I want them placed. How about there? OK. So we have our twisting where we want it to sit. But this is much too put together. Aurora’s were a lot more messy and very soft looking. So we’re going to go back and we’re going to just take loops of our twists and go ahead and pull. That’s just going to stretch those twists out and make them really soft and full looking and very ethereal and pretty. So you can see the difference in that. Go ahead and do it to this side as well.

You can start by pulling every other one, and if you think that that doesn’t look pulled enough, then pull the ones in between. We just want it really, really soft. I’m even going to pull a few of them a little more so it almost doesn’t look twisted somehow. Until you like the way it looks. And then, we don’t want our ugly elastic hanging out, so I’m going to take just an underneath piece of hair and I’m going to take it a little bit more and I’m going to wrap it up and through. And then I’m going to do it again, up and through. And then what you can do is loosen that up so that it covers that hair tie altogether and just hides it. And you have this really soft pretty twist. If you’re worried about that coming undone, you can always take a little bobby pin and just go ahead and stick it on the backside of where you crossed that hair to just help hold things in place. And then you’ve got your gorgeous curls coming out from underneath. So pretty. And then, to boot, Aurora had some really gorgeous flowers in her hair, and we you can choose whether or not to do this if you want. But we are going to do it just to show you what it would look like.

So I’m going to take some little baby’s breath, and I’ll start on this side actually. Just go ahead and kind of randomly place little sprigs of sweet baby’s breath here and there in the hair. So really they don’t have to be big. Just really tiny. Like this. Just to even add a little hint of flowers. She just kind of lived out in the woods among the fairies. And there you have this really fun twist. So we’re all done adding our flowers. The hair is done, and we went back and just curled these two little pieces right by her ear just a little bit tighter. In the movie, Aurora has the little curls right here next to her face too. Bailey’s aren’t long enough right up in here, so we did them a little bit lower. But it gives the overall effect. So let’s do final spin. I think it’s so pretty. I love it. I love it when you get to put flowers in your hair, too. So pretty. Now, don’t forget on Wednesday we have a bonus family post. Do not forget. You are not going to want to miss it. It’s going to be really fun. We had a lot of fun filming it, and we will see you guys next Sunday. Bye, guys. Bye. You are, you are, you are every bit of beautiful. You are, you are, you are bit of beautiful. Ew. That’s why I spit one out. Did you get stinky socks? Barf’s still worse? Yeah. Oh, my gosh. This dog food’s disgusting. I told you. I had to spit it out. Oh, you smell like dog food. How do dogs eat this? Here, Brady. It’s lime. Rotten egg, I think would probably get me. That was so bad. It literally tastes like someone tooted in your mouth.

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