Princess’ Doufu

This dish has a legend behind it. It is said that the Qing Emperor Qian Long once visited a peasant's house in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province. The housewife prepared a dish of fried bean curd with spinach.

She called it a white jade stone inlaid with gold and a green parrot with red beak. ? The Emperor was fed up with the many exotic dishes at the palace, so he was pleased with the delicate freshness of this home-cooked dish.

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– He named the woman a princess, and so her dish was called The Princess' Doufu. ? Ingredients:

1 lb. Bean curd.

1 lb. Spinach, preferably preserving the red-tipped roots.

1/2 cup vegetable oil 1/3 cup clear broth Salt to taste To Prepare:

1. Chop the spinach into uniform 1 inch pieces, blanch and drain.

2. Cut bean curd into rectangular pieces and fry it in hot oil until it turns yellow on both sides. Add broth and salt and simmer for 2 minutes. When the broth boils, add spinach and stir-fry briefly. Transfer to a dish and serve.

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