Problems With Mens Pants Excessive Wear Importance of Proper Fit Quality Trouser Fabric

Problems With Men’s Pants Excessive Wear Importance of Proper Fit & Quality Trouser Fabric Hi.

I’m Carl Centeno, the founder of this style blog. And today we’re going to be talking about excessive wear in the trousers. In particular, in the crouch area. If you haven’t already, make sure to comment our my blog above. It’s a great way to get all of our posts delivered right through your inbox. In addition, if you enjoy this post, if you find that I’m going into a great detail and you really like this, go ahead and click the like button below. This is a question I received. “Over the past few months, I’ve rededicated myself to go into the gym and working out. One benefit is that I’m gaining muscle in my legs. The down side is now I’m starting to wear out all of my dress pants in the crouch area. Should I look into a sturdier material? Any ideas would be appreciated.” Okay.

Problems With Mens Pants Excessive Wear Importance of Proper Fit Quality Trouser Fabric Photo Gallery

Believe it or not, this is actually a pretty common question and something that – there isn’t one exact solution to it. So, I’m going to give you few ideas without actually seeing the trousers and seeing where are the wears happening exactly. I can’t tell you but I can give you some ideas of what to talk to your tailor about and how to possibly prevent from – or what type of pants you need to buy in the future to, again, prevent this problem. As your body is changing and you’re gaining muscle in your legs, your actual – your lower body may not be changing much, but the shape of your body down there is changing. And so, if you can think about, you know, think about what the – you know, what the crouch area is, in a sense, it’s where both of your legs meet, your torso. And there’s a lot of movement in that area. It’s like the crossroads. And so, in this crossroads area, you have a lot of friction, a lot of movement. Trousers are made to be tough in this area naturally. However, they’re made to be tough. And if you’ve been wearing these trousers for awhile, certain amount of friction has been, you know, applied there. But if these trousers, if your body has changed and this don’t fit you properly in the way that they should when you first bought them, what all of a sudden happen is you’re getting friction that points, which is the trousers were not intended to have friction at those points.

So you may be wearing now trousers which aren’t made to fit your new body type. And, again, I would have to look at your old measurements, your new measurements. But one thing you can look to do is to reinforce the area in which you’re having the friction. I do this occasionally with trousers. I have a gentleman come in and he’ll tell me that in the past he’s always having trouble with them wearing out in that area. And so, we’ll reinforce the area with extra layers of fabric. And that way, if it starts to wear through it, he’s at least got another layer of fabric. But the bigger problem is why are you getting that friction there? What is going on? Usually, it has to do with the fit issue. And that’s because your trousers are either sitting at a different point. So, you know, I hate to point this out but you may actually need to move to a different brand, a different style, one that better compliments and athletic built because if you look at the buttocks and the leg shape, the thigh shape of an athletic man, he’s going to have larger thighs, a more pronounced buttocks. So, all of these has to do – has affects where the pressure points and where the friction is going to be on the trousers. And so, you know, a company that’s very interesting, that’s been doing this as well is I think Bonobos.

You probably heard of them. Go check them out. They actually make trousers I think for more athletic lower builds. In addition, if you get something custom made, they’re going to accommodate for, you know, the shape of your body there. But most trousers coming off the rack, they’ve got too lower crouch area. And that could be causing excess friction as well. The final thing that I’ll mention is you want to go with a higher quality fabric if you can. So what goes into a higher quality fabric, usually, the yarn is longer. So whether it’d be cotton, whether it’d be wool, the actual yarn that you use to weave the fabric is going to be longer, and therefore is going to, you know, have – it’s going to be stronger and less likely to pull apart. And, you know, that’s – when you look at the friction areas, you know, usually it’s the fabric being pulled apart or being worn out. And a better quality yarn, a better quality material is just going to last longer. Okay.

A lot of detail here. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. If you’d like to learn about men style, visit us at this style blog. I’ve got a free 47-page eBook that we’re giving away. And, you know, that’s all I’ve got. Take care. Hope to see you in the comments. Bye-bye.

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