Professional Lip And Mouth Makeup

Professional Lip And Mouth Makeup

LIP COLOR: To decide colors for lips, first decide whether you have natural lips or painted ones. If so, choose a color that will look natural on stage. What color will be based mostly on the character’s living, race and health status. If the character’s lips are to be painted, they will be selected in the parts of the lip color to be worn.

Fashion may or may not be a factor, of course it will be a personal choice. Lip makeup is usually applied with a flat black brush.

MEASURE OF STEPS: The size (width and thickness) of the lips will depend on some distances on the player’s own lips. For a real make-up, a very narrow mouth can not be made successful, for example a very large one, but the larger one can sometimes be narrowed.

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REFLECTIVE FORMATS: Reshaping lips involves, or does not cover, a change in measure. The reshaping by the character is an overcoming. It will be designed to create what you think, or to follow this type of fashion, like the lips of the twenties or the mouth of the thirties.

Lip Makeup: Examine the differences in lip structures. In youth, the building is generally flat, but in later years it may be rough, cracked or wrinkled, based on its generally deep condition. It is therefore important to age the young faces and make the lips look good. The explanation of aging the lips is given below.

Aging the lips: Aging and changes in the dentures in joints that cause changes in the structure can be brought about as a result of the change in shape and overall shape of the lips. The lips can be thinned and cut with great different wrinkles. The most effective changes in the structure can best be shown in three-dimensional makeup.

If the mouth is wrinkled, it is of course possible to make it smaller and make it as thin as possible. Carefully style wrinkles with a narrow brush. Be sure that each high light has a hard corner and that the hard corner is very sharp and clean. If the wrinkles are too strong, the tone can be lowered.

In addition to the lips, the area around the dug should also be aged. The light falling down on this meat round will bring a soft, angular high light on the hill and a hard and soft angled shadow below. It will be illuminated with a hard and soft corner just below the fold, as if it were on a curved or wrinkled wrinkle.

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