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Absorbent Cotton: Used to inflate cheeks, expand them.

Acetone: The plastic layer is a clean liquid solvent for the adhesive. It evaporates very quickly. It is found in pharmacies and beauty salons. It is often said to be a nail polish remover. It should be kept away from the eyes.

Adhesives: The most commonly used revitalizing sticky in makeup.

Alcohol: Alcohol can be used to remove the refreshing glue. It is found in pharmacies.

Artificial Snow: Visible effective static artificial snow, sprayed with a sponge.

Ash Powder: Ash powder is used to give an old feeling to makeup or costume.

Agitating Powder: A powder similar to facial powder.

Artificial Blood: Flood can be classified into two categories. External blood should never be used internally. Gelatin capsules can be filled for internal blood. Some blood can be cleaned without leaving a trace.

Dandruff: It can be used with rubber to bring rough skin texture to the field.

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Brilliant: Can be used to give shine to the hair. The hair should be scanned or brushed after the brush is sprayed.

Chinese and Japanese Brushes: Small and medium water and oil based paint brushes are useful in wrinkles.

Brow Brush: Used to brush your brow.

Eye Brush: High-grade eye pens are used to brush the eye.

Lip Brush: A narrow, flat brush is used to apply the lip color.

Brush, Rimel: A small, hard-bristled brush is used to apply rimmed brushes.

Powder and Blush Brushes: Powder and oil are used for surfacing.

Wound Brushes: The adhesive can be used to apply refreshing adhesive.

Committed Cream: The cream used to deeply change the color.

Guderi: With a refreshing glue, beards, mustaches and wigs, the beards can be used to press the alta.

Chiffon: Can be used to mold eyebrows.

Cleaning Wipes: Used to remove makeup.

Clown White: A white paint used for clowns.

A food similar to ragweed: It is used to bring the three-dimensional skin structure to the square with rubber.

Cream Make-up: Oil-free make-up with fingers or brush.

Crepe Hair: Beard, mustache and sometimes used to make eyebrows.

Dep: A thick hair conditioning fluid.

Leather Wax: A soft wax to improve your face areas. It is easier to apply and paste. But less sticky. It can also be mixed with nasal paste.

Duo Adhesive: A Johnson & Johnson cream rubber adhesive.

Eraser: Kryolan’s stain coating bar.

Eyebrow Plasti: A wax on the rod is used to project eyebrows.

False Eyelashes: Used for straightening or correcting eye makeup. It must be fixed before it can be used.

Facial Powder: Used on creams or oily makeup. If you want to add a slight shine to your makeup, 4 colors are also useful. Gold, greenish, silver and pearl.

Foundation Colors: Colors used to provide the appropriate skin color for the character. The foundation colors are useful in cream make-up, mold make-up and oil painting.

Gelatin: Can be used for precise types when working in three dimensions.

Gleam Gele: Gleam is used to apply directly to the skin or makeup.

Human Hair: It is used for wigs, top beard and other hair pieces.

Synthetic Hair: High shiny synthetic hair is only suitable for still beard and wigs. It can be used for human hair or for good quality synthetic hair mixed with human hair.

Hair Dryer: It can be used to speed up drying time with sponge and other late drying liquids and hair.

Hair Spreyi: Used to keep hair in place.

Hair Whitener: Spray used to whiten hair.

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