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Partying is hard, it’s not for the faint-hearted, and it takes courage to make it to the finish line, unless you retire for PARTY GIRL WORDS: TIDI BENBENISTI / PHOTOGRAPH: LEIGH BROOMFIELD ELLE_Humour Party Girl.indd 72 2015/02/27 3:25 PM @ELLEmagazineSA 73 LAUGHS the night or, worse, fall asleep in the car. But, whatever you do, don’t ever pass out on the club’s couch or on a stranger’s shoulder – it’s not a pretty look and it will haunt you for life.

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It happened to someone I know, and she’s yet to live that moment down. Partying is neither effortless nor easy, and I blame technology. This Generation I, laden with social media engines, makes it harder, because the pressure is on to look like you’re ready for your close-up all the time. Even Instagram’s varied filters are not enough to edit the damage; they can downplay it, sure, but at what cost? I tried, but one made me look like a ghost and the other like a spray-tan session gone orange.

I’m yet to find a filter that looks like a no-filter, especially for those group shots, where I am the only one with devil-red eyes. It’s not peer pressure that keeps me in these group shots; it’s the fact that arms are interlinked and I can’t escape the social ring. But no filter or lens can make my hair look good. I’m still looking for a straightening iron that can tame it for more than two hours at a stretch, during which time I need to stop pouting like a Victoria’s Secret model – not that I have the credentials to be one, but I just can’t understand why on a normal day I don’t pout, but come party time I can’t control my lips.

Clearly, I cannot pretty-pout. I don’t rehearse my toothpaste-perfect smile in front of the mirror day or night but perhaps this is the moment where I change that. After all, I learnt how to pose for the camera, although it’s not instant, I have to compose myself before I carefully push my shoulder forward, stand up straight and rest my hand on my hip.

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