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Hey guys so for today’s post I have my first antique haul so I’ve seen a couple of these going around My blog, and I always thought hmm that’s kind of interesting so I asked you guys if you were interested in seeing, and most of you guys said yes so that’s what we’re doing today we’re gonna post an ante haul so pretty much what this is is I’m gonna sit down, and tell you guys about the products that. I’m not gonna buy about the products that are coming out that just do not interest me whatsoever, and I won’t be purchasing so unlike a traditional haul where I show you guys what I bought today I’m showing you guys what I don’t want to buy so I made a little list on my phone here, and for reference I’m gonna show you guys a photo of the product on the screen just so you guys can obviously see what I’m talking about, and have like every nice visual of it so the first product I knew for a fact I was gonna talk about this in this post. I was so disappointed when I actually saw like the reveal of the product so the new visor Pro palette when I heard they were coming out with like a full Pro palette normally they do like I think just a little what is it like eight shadows the little mini ones or twelve or something. But they came out with like a full big one, and I was really excited I think the photo was in black, and white or something I even added an alarm on my calendar to buy it like I was for sure hands-down gonna buy it without even seeing it also can we like just not mind at the stain on my fingers I clearly was posting a makeup tutorial a drugstore twirl. But anyways yeah, and then I saw the reveal of how the palette looked, and I was so disappointed. I don’t know what it is I’m just looking at it on my phone by the way.

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But I don’t know what it is. But the shades just don’t call me for sure thought I was gonna love this palette, and I don’t know I think I think they’re just too cool tone for me it’s just not something I’m gonna be using so I quickly erased the alarm off my calendar, and I didn’t end up purchasing it next. I want to talk about the Fendi Holiday Collection so I know some of you guys might be shocked that I’m not planning on purchasing this. But I don’t know I was really shocked by what she’s releasing for the holiday don’t get me wrong I think the products are beautiful she’s releasing a really nice like glitter palette I think it looks beautiful, and maybe in the future I might pick it up if it’s not limited-edition I don’t know I just feel like it doesn’t scream holiday to me it screams like it has like this galaxy vibe the whole collection is very colorful, and glittery, and sparkly, and it gives me this galaxy vibe like almost like a summer vibe not really a holiday holiday to me screams fall worms VAM penis Gold’s bronzes I don’t know it just doesn’t scream all galaxy like you know I don’t know next is the Kylie purple palette I don’t know if that’s the official name for it. But I am not I saw that the swatches on trend mood I am not a fan of like the color combo I mean the whole palette is just a bunch of purples which I don’t know like it just it doesn’t scream to me it doesn’t make me gravitate towards in buy it not that it’s not a beautiful palette I’m sure it’s beautiful, and it wouldn’t make amazing eye looks I just don’t think I’m gonna like run out, and die over it, and get it right away so what next I feel like there’s a lot of eyeshadow palettes in this post. But next is the nataschab de Nona nikasha de Nona almost said the wrong holiday palette, and she came out with these little like 5:00 shadow palettes these shadows look beautiful, and the shades look great, and everything.

I don’t think I have anything against that I just feel like I’m kind of over the whole five like why are we still only putting five shades in one palette, and I’m saying like I feel like are we not over that I’m over that like the whole five shades, and one palette thing like let’s at least include ten shades so I can create an entire look I won’t be able to create an entire look with this unless I just call a combine combine this, and this this, and this this, and this like you know what I’m saying I don’t know I just feel like there’s only one matte in the entire palette, and the matte is a very rich matte I mean it is a good choice if you’re gonna put one matte it is a good choice for one matte. I just I don’t know, and there’s also I think that this is not the only shade I think there’s a bunch of other shades so it’s more just about like I think I’m over the whole five color palette thing like what am I gonna do with the palette with only five colors in it I’d rather like you know the Jaclyn hill palette has all the colors you need or just a little eyeshadow palette with at least ten shades so next is the BH Cosmetics liquid foundation I don’t know why I’m skipping out on this I just think I am it doesn’t scream to me it doesn’t call me I don’t think of BH Cosmetics as a great skincare brand they have I mean I like the BH Cosmetics, and carnie by Belle palette I like some of their eye glitters. But I just don’t see them as like a skin you know like face skin products brand it’s almost like a politic you know you’re not interested in trying you kind of want to see what other people think first like you’re not as that interested in order to like try it yourself you’re just like I’ll see what other people think first, and then I might get it you didn’t mean it’s kind of one of those products that.

I think this is also a reef formulation so people didn’t like it the first time around I’m assuming cuz you reformulated it so I don’t know I just think I’m not really interested there’s also I mean that shade range though it’s a good effort it’s definitely a good effort how many chances at things like 20 shades it’s definitely a good effort. But it you know we need more like why is there only four deep shades you know I’m saying so I don’t know I think I’m skipping out on that another foundation a I’m skipping out in on is the jus a am I saying I raise you a I’ve actually never tried any easy way products or a Natasha Genoa for that um for that matter. But anyways this is the new essential high coverage cream foundation. I’m just skipping out on this just because I don’t know what it is you ever like I don’t know why a product has to like speak to me. But this doesn’t speak to me like we are not having a conversation I don’t know why we’re just not I’m not that it’s I mean I don’t know I haven’t tried it so I don’t know if it’s good or not if you guys really want me to try it because I know this is like a popular brand right now I’ve never tried their products. But if you guys want me to try their stuff I definitely will let me know I don’t know it’s not speaking to me what is speaking to me as the new huda beauty foundation, and you know I am getting that I believe that launch is tomorrow too I am getting that for you guys, and I’m gonna do a full weird test that foundation is speaking to me like I don’t know what it is I have high hopes for it I feel like it’s gonna be in my new favorite foundation. So I really hope it lives up to my expectations so next is the new cap on D flash liquid lipstick so I actually think this is a pretty cool product I think it’s cool I think it would be awesome for like Halloween looks, and like just you know more art makeup like fun looks.

But I mean I won’t use it you know I just won’t use something like that that often I wish this was a liquid I shadow though if that was a liquid I showed up I would go crazy I’m sure you probably could just use it on your eyes though yeah. I mean it’s like a really beautiful it’s beautiful it seems like a really deep bronzy oranjee with like this khaki green olive reflect it looks really beautiful I just don’t think I’ll use it so only something I’m skipping out on I don’t know if you guys noticed. But I literally look to try mood for like all my makeup updates so the last thing I am skipping out on is the new color pop, and my little pony collection I don’t know how new this is I think this is pretty recent. But it just doesn’t I mean I don’t know it kind of looks like kids makeup like I’m over it I don’t know it doesn’t it doesn’t scream to me it’s pretty like colorful. But not even nice colors like no rich greens, and browsers pretty like soft mid-tone shades I don’t know it’s just it’s not calling to me the entire collection it’s just not speaking to me so that is it for my antique haul you guys I know there wasn’t that many products. But that was like the most that I could find of like her recent releases that I’ll be skipping out on let me know if you guys want me to keep doing these. I would say I don’t know every once in a while whenever I feel like there’s some new products, and I want to kind of tell you guys if I’m getting them or not if you enjoyed this post please don’t forget to give me a like thumbs up I’ll definitely make my next one longer, and like prep a huge list for you guys. But I think to start off this was a good little start make sure you comment down below, and let me know if you’ll be purchasing these products are you also gonna skip out on them or maybe they’re tickling your pickle, and you’re filling them, and they’re speaking to you let me know in the comments below. But as always thank you guys so much for reading, and of course I will see you guys in my next post bye guys..

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