Proper lipstick usage according to lip structure

Proper lipstick usage according to lip structure

Lips tend to dry out, because they do not have sebaceous glands. Take a toothbrush and brush your lips with vaseline or a balm. This will allow the dead skin to peel off, keep the nail in and make a liner for lipstick.

Because melanin is not found on the lips, they need to be protected against the burning rays of the sun. For this reason, protect your lips with a high-SPF preservative when going out to the sun.

Always use a brush when applying lipstick for a perfect look. The brush will allow you to stay up to the corners without getting the lipstick around and not letting lipstick go around the edges, letting the lip stay in your line.

If you want a soft, smooth lip line without a frame and you want lipstick that does not get around, sweep a makeup pamper along the lips painted by wetting it with the foundation or closure.

If you use lip pencils, open the tip with a sharpener before use. It does not only provide a perfect line, but also reveals the fresh tip underneath when the oily residue at the end of the column is thrown away. This will make the application much easier. Avoid pointing too much of the end of the column to create a hard frame. Use your penis to follow the outer edges of your lips, hold your lips loose, otherwise you will create unnatural shapes.

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Once you’ve framed your lips with your pen, use it to color them, even if they will wear lipstick on them. This ensures that the color is erased on a regular basis so that you do not stay with your lip frame after eating.

Are we in a hurry? Lip your lipstick casually with your middle finger. Slightly irregular edges appear more natural. Blank your lip.

Dry your lipstick with a brush so it will not contaminate your teeth. Then place your finger horizontally between your lower and upper teeth and gently bite. When you remove your finger from your mouth, it will clean your teeth if you have any infected lipstick.

After the first layer of your lipstick has been wiped off, you should go to the second floor. Both colors will stay well and stay permanently.

If your lipstick does not finish, take it with a brush. There is an amount that can be used at least 20 times in his spouse.
Remember, any kind of oil, including salad dressing, will destroy your lipstick when in contact.

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