Psychic Warned Natalie Wood’s Mother Someone Would Die Of Drowning, Sister Lana Reveals

Hi guys I’m Joe Drake today is a very special day. Because we are joined by Natalie woods sister Lana wood Wow how are you I’m fine thank you yeah. So tell me Lana were you close with Natalie yes yes very close we were very close you stayed close to her up till her death yes. So explain to me the relationship that you, and your sister had with your mother, and your mother visiting the gypsy, and what she told her it was an odd relationship. Because my mom was manipulative, and wanted very much to be in charge for at all times right there was a great period of time when she would keep Natalie, and I apart. Because then she was in control of both of us right. But if we got together that was the old strength in numbers right kind of thing Natalie honestly felt that she had missed out on her childhood by doing nothing. But acting right, and your reality becomes one that is not anyone elses right when you’re in that position right. So it was mom’s relationship was not too good right do you share the fear of water that your sister you know I’m a certified scuba diver are you yes for you good for you. So tell us a little bit more about where that fear of Natalie’s came from my mother’s family left Russia when she was very young okay, and they moved to China to Harbin China, and that’s where my mother was raised that’s where she went to school that’s where she lived most her adult life she said that when she was there her fortune was told by a gypsy, and the Gypsy told her that she would have a child that would be known internationally, and somebody was going to die from drowning which my mom would then retell to me, and Natalie, and terrified Natalie. Yeah terrified her Natalie never learned how to swim she wouldn’t get in her own pool Wow did you, and Natalie believe your mother growing up Natalie did really, I thought it was baloney yes, and what are your thoughts now after maybe, it’s not. But I still have a maybe in there I don’t know I know there are a lot of things that we don’t understand. But I’m really fact-based right to hear more check out fatal voyage the mysterious death of Natalie Wood hosted by Dylan Howard, it’s out now, and you can comment to it wherever you get your podcasts.

Psychic Warned Natalie Wood’s Mother Someone Would Die Of Drowning, Sister Lana Reveals Photo Gallery

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