Puff Rolls Hairstyles

Hi, I’m Sarah. And this is my daughter Gracie hi.

And wonderful learn new teacher styles. And today, I’m going to show you how to do a style, I call the puff rolls let’s get started, I want to apologize ahead of time for my daughter’s coughing throughout this whole entire post as the Texas allergies are not very nice. So let’s begin, I already started off by putting on hair in a ponytail by grabbing the sides together.

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And her hair’s wet. So you’re going to need your hair to be wet. And with this strand you’re going to tuck under.

And twist in. So do it one more time okay. So doing this you’re going to flip that back in back up, I met just a little bit till you have a loop almost like this.

And then you’re going to take your loop. And spread it by tightening that out. And lifting us up.

And making that loop to begin your puff rolls because, I see spread them out. And titanum okay there’s your first puff you can make them bigger if you like by pulling them up a little. And spreading them out.

And you just keep doing it by grabbing the sides smooth em out take the last band tie together the same thing you did up here you’re going to do down here up. And in. And then go up.

And then in you’re going to bring it back up smooth them out entitlement once it’s dry you you won’t have to worry about the space. And between smooth this part out then you’re on to the next one you grab the sides again smooth them out. And repeat.

I’m on my last strands at the neck area okay. So you can go. And continue down all the way at the end of the tail if you like but, I’m just going to finish it off with a nice braid you Tugg in.

So it looks like it’s got lots of volume. And and it looks thick then you can just tweak your little puffs to the desire puffiness you like it. And fix it all up okay Gracie great.

And quick just to hide that. And just to make it. So it stays in place just, I have some hairspray see how it’s already drying won’t notice that there’s a split because it what the wet hair is weighing it down thank you.

So much for taking your time to watch this tutorial. And if you enjoyed it please give a thumbs up. And comment to a link below see you next week.

And I will be dead bye guys.

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