Puffed Loop Braid Hairstyles

Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn and Bailey from LA and today we are going to be filming the puffed loop braid. So the funny thing about this hairstyle is that my friend on drill team actually sent me a picture of this hairstyle. She wanted me to learn it so I could do it for her. And so I’ve learned it and I loved it so I was like: “Why not share it with my friends on YouTube?” So here we are! But before we go onto the hairstyle, we are going to ask and have a little challenge. Let’s see if we can get this post to [Both] , thumbs up. And if we do, she will film another hairstyle. Another DIY on short hair? Maybe? Who knows? [Bailey] Yeah, sounds good. We’ll see!

Puffed Loop Braid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So give this post a big thumbs up. Also, don’t forget to comment. It’ll be the red button right here. Click! [Bailey] And don’t forget to enter the giveaway. You can enter the giveaway by hitting the link down below. You will win a MacBook Air if you get picked. So you should enter definitely. Let’s go onto the hairstyle. Let’s go. So to start out the hairstyle, you’ll wanna take two small sections on the side of her head. So that’s what I’m gonna do right now is just take two small ones. And she has already deep-waved her hair so it’s gonna give the braid a little bit more volume. So if you wanna do that too, that would be perfect. Now that I have my two sections, I’m going to take the front one and tuck it underneath the second one, so there you go, it makes kind of like a cross. And then you’ll take your front one and pull it through the loop. So you’re basically just looping the hair around. So now that I have my loop, I’m gonna hold the loop with my hand and pin the extra hair. And it’s OK right now if you can see the bobby pins ’cause we’ll go back and pancake the braid so that it will cover the bobby pin.

So there is your first loop. So now that you only have one strand, go ahead and pick up a second one again and repeat the same steps. So take your first one, make a cross underneath your second one, and pull the end through the loop. Again you’re just looping the hair around. And hold the loop with your hands, take a bobby pin, and pin the extra hair. You can see the second loop is there. Now we’ll just continue the same steps all the way to the end of her hair over here. So now that I have finished the braid, I have one strand left over, so I took a bobby pin and just tugged it underneath the strand a little bit to hold it down so it doesn’t stick out randomly. So now that I have finished the braid, you can see that all the little loops are really small and kind of hard to see and you can still see the bobby pins; so I’m gonna go back and pancake it a whole bunch so that it’s this big fat beautiful braid and you can’t see the bobby pins anymore. K so there’s the final braid. If you see any parts that you dislike or if it’s laying funny, just go ahead and take a bobby pin and go through and fix anything; but that is the basic gist of the braid. And now we’ll do the final spin. So here we go. Ta-da! There’s the hairstyle! And voila! We’re good to go! I really hope you guys enjoyed that hairstyle. If you wanna see last week’s hairstyle, hit the Information Button right up there. And that’s all we have for you guys. See y’all later! [Both] Bye!.

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