Pull Through Christmas Tree Braid Hairstyles

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Pull Through Christmas Tree Braid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So much for supporting us once again use another style of my Christmas series leading up to Christmas Eve. So let’s get started, I already started by putting a hair 1/2 up in a ponytail you’ll be needing some clips, I went ahead. And put some gel just as k more flyaways any products, I mentioned in this post, I’ll leave a link in the description box below take this ponytail just grab only just the ponytail put a clip on there or have your model hold it.

And. So it doesn’t fall the next step is to make another ponytail. And your goal is to make ponytails all the way down to the end right here.

So now, I have two ponytails, I’m going to split this ponytail in half bring it forward now bring this ponytail up. And over half or hold it or your clip on now you’re gonna take this part here that you just split you’re gonna grab some hair. And blend it in with this hair right here the next step is to put it in elastic band you’re gonna bring this back down the next step before you put it into another ponytail, I’m going to pull these out just a little bit your goal is to make a Christmas tree down the back by spreading out the braid the next step split this in half bring it forward have her hold it bring this ponytail here up.

And clip it you can bring this back. And now take a section of her hair. And bring it together into a ponytail.

And this is all repeated okay take this down every time you take the hair that’s up here down you’re going to spread out the next braid even further out. And then you just continue all the way up, I’m at the end of the nape area, I’m going to go. And stop right here, I have a star that, I’ll put right up here.

And I made a bunch of decorations with these pom-poms. And hair pins by gluing them with hot glue it’s gonna stick them in little hairspray. And there you have it final state thank you.

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